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Renegade Riddims: Katalyst


Kate Walker AKA Katalyst does exactly what her name suggests, with her role as the DJ positioning her perfectly to act as the literal catalyst for dancefloor chaos. She is the spark in a finely selected collection of sounds and styles in a bubbling pot of pent up energy that is a Drum & Bass crowd, with explosive results!

When Katalyst plays, her sets channel a deep and dark underground techy vibe, with a healthy sprinkling of ragga and jungle sounds. Masterful mixing and a potent collection of signature double drops give her sets an impact that dominates any dancefloor they hit. 

Katalyst grew up on a diet of rock, metal and ska whilst taking her first steps into a life intertwined with music as she learned to play the piano, drums, violin, guitar and the clarinet. This musical journey took an unexpected detour in 2003 though when she heard Andy C’s first nightlife compilation and fell in love with Hive’s classic track ‘Neo’. Its raw and heavy sound bridged the gap between her musical past and the world of dance music. From there she was hooked and spent her weekends trawling through raves such as Dillinja and Lemon D’s seminal Valve Soundsystem nights with a fake ID and dancing the night away at free parties. 

A few years later, after picking up her first set of decks and honing her craft for her own enjoyment, she was asked to cover a set after another DJ dropped out. This turned out to be the first step on a DJ career that has taken her much further than she ever expected. 

Now, years later, she’s exceeded all her own expectations, headlining events in her home city and further afield, also holding down a role in A&R for Bristols Noxious Records. Katalyst has 3 Bristol residencies including the legendary Rumble In The Jungle, Charlie Brix’s Shotgun Sessions and StackedOut Events. The powerhouse claims other residencies over the UK with Rawdio, Static Hi-Fi, Road Runnaz and Rinse Oxford alongside massive sets at King’s of The Rollers’ Royal Rumble, Nass Festival, Nozstock, Illusive and Wonderfields are just a sample of some of the parties that have been blown away by the Katalyst treatment. Meanwhile, working her way up to headline slots and having shared the stage with some of the scene’s finest including DJ Storm, Andy C, Dillinja, Kings of The Rollers, Born On Road, DLR, Saxxon, Bryan G, Jumpin Jack Frost and T>I. Katalyst has proven she can handle her own and stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of the best. 

But, she doesn’t stop there! Katalyst has been an unstoppable force during ‘lockdown’ taking over our airways with weekly live streams. She’s participated in playing sets for the Stay at Home Festivals and InnerSoul Houseparty and also recently showcased her talent on Oxfordshire’s #1 radio station Jack FM with a minimix for Jackfest 2020.

Today we bring Katalyst to our Renegade Riddims mix series with a whomping mix consisting of 91 tracks which includes some of her all time favourite tracks from the likes of Bladerunner, Saxxon, Shy FX, Serum, Levela, John B, Jam Thieves, Phibes and loads more!

Check out Katalyst’s mix below. You can download it for free here


  1. John B – Up All Night (Data 3 Remix)
  2. Napes – Talk To Me Proper (Crossy & Monroller Remix)
  3. Audiomission – Walk Over
  4. Conrad Subs – Soundboy Get Killed
  5. Crossy & Gray – You Ain’t About That
  6. Gold Dubs – Now
  7. Saxxon – Roadhouse
  8. Kumarachi & Veak – Chrome Siren (Kumo remix)
  9. Octo Pi – Structural 
  10. Lost City & Riko Dan – Soundboy Calling (JNGL mix)
  11. KY – Brutality
  12. Amplify – Eight
  13. Saxxon – Electrolytes
  14. Debrief – Hot Steppin
  15. Speaker Louis & Epicentre – Out Here
  16. Serum – Chop House
  17. Klinical & Waeys – Framed
  18. Jam Thieves – Dexter
  19. Refracta – Oxygen
  20. Terrence & Phillip – Just A Feeling
  21. Million – Fresh Stepper
  22. Junger – Payday
  23. Phibes – Roads
  24. Charlie B – Rotation
  25. Refracta – Gravity
  26. Substance – Locust
  27. Dubtime – Rollers In The Dance (Gray remix)
  28. Levela – Exhale
  29. Sudley – Dem A Bubble ft. Rider Shafique
  30. Amplify – Miracle
  31. Saxxon & Carasel – Feel The force (Alligator)
  32. Nightshift & King Yoof – Dust Yourself Off
  33. Digital – Deadline (Dub Phizix remix) 
  34. Upgrade – Function
  35. Punchdrunk –  Clarrt
  36. Skip Marley – Tell Me That’s Not True (Saxxon Health Kick Bootleg)
  37. Refracta – Melon
  38. K Jah, Diligent Fingers & Coda – Dutty Like A Bumbo (Coda remix)
  39. DJ Fresh – Gatekeeper (Stokka & Mozzy Bootleg)
  40. Chakhan – Initiation (CRS Remix)
  41. Bladerunner – Rolling Fire VIP
  42. Ben Snow – Out In The Streets (Voltage Remix)
  43. Refracta – Tonight
  44. Bladerunner – Destination Jungle
  45. Shy FX – Bye Bye Bye (feat Chronixx – SPY remix)
  46. Subcriminal – Dragon Egg
  47. Amplify – Flavaz
  48. GLM – Badman
  49. AC13 ft. MC Spyda – Warface
  50. Pyrex – Stress Levels
  51. Imanu – Nonplus (Skantia remix)
  52. Phibes/Joely – Told You Once
  53. Darude – Sandstorm (Stelphy bootleg)
  54. D*minds – Zion
  55. Sudley – Keep Things Moving (Levela remix)
  56. ELLM – Draw Out
  57. 2-QZB – Apollo
  58. Netsky – Look At Me Go (feat Darren Styles)
  59. Shy FX – Badboy Business (feat Kate Stewart & Mr Williamz – Kings Of The Rollers remix)
  60. Crossy x Shiya – Tell Em Fi Don (Home Master)
  61. D-Flex & Burnzy – Jah
  62. Speaker Louis & Epicentre – Dead Sound
  63. Bou – Wine Ya B
  64. Simplify – Lost It
  65. Conrad Subs – Siren (feat J.O.K)
  66. Kleu – Tell Me 
  67. Chase & tatus ft. Irah – Program
  68. Conrad Subs – Bump Grind
  69. Crossy – Highgrade 
  70. Basstripper – Battle Axe
  71. Vytol – Sell Out
  72. Zoro & Addicted – Everything’s OK
  73. Drytek ft Natty D – Ay Senor
  74. Debrief – O.K.
  75. Bison – Party (Arlo Remix)
  76. Filthy Habits & Jeopardize – Listen
  77. Gaw – Sound Manager (Ly Da Buddah Remix)
  78. Clockwork – Beenie Bootie (Crossy Remix)
  79. Disrupta & J Select – Butter Fingers VIP
  80. Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Benny L remix)
  81. Teej & Disrupta & Riko Dan – Duppy
  82. Mampi Swift – The One
  83. Jappa & Teej – Hooligan (feat Mtek)
  84. Rise – Respect
  85. Shimon & Trimer – Scaredy Cat
  86. Selecta J Man – Round Here
  87. Marcia Aitken – I’m Still In Love (Kleu remix)
  88. Chase & Status – Weed & Rum (feat Masicka)
  89. Phibes  – Why Should I 
  90. QC – Hana
  91. Everyone You Know – Do You Miss Raving (Kamoh Bootleg)

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