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Andy C returns to XOYO London for a Sunday session of epic proportions


Experience an extraordinary night as Andy C triumphantly returns to the iconic XOYO London on Sunday, December 3rd, for an exclusive and eagerly awaited one-night-only show. His previous residencies at XOYO, spanning 13 electrifying weeks each, have etched themselves into the annals of clubbing folklore. Now, after a four-year hiatus, Andy C steps back onto the XOYO stage, prepared for an extended, all-night set, ready to reclaim his throne on one of the most revered dancefloors in the UK. The event kicks off at 4 pm, promising a journey through Andy C’s roots and evolution, blending historic Drum & Bass moments with fresh, innovative sounds, culminating in an immersive day-into-night experience for devoted fans and newcomers alike.

A luminary in the Drum & Bass realm for decades, Andy C’s influence is indelible. His groundbreaking productions and electrifying live performances, as the founding pillar of RAM Records, have not only shaped but redefined the constantly evolving global landscape of Drum & Bass, setting the stage for the rise of a new generation of talented artists.

For enthusiasts entrenched in London’s vibrant Drum & Bass culture, the mere mention of Andy C’s legendary residencies at XOYO reignites a rush of vivid memories. Teaming up with his longtime collaborator, the illustrious hype man Tonn Piper, Andy C delivered an unforgettable series of 13 pulsating shows in 2017 and 2019. These shows boasted an array of esteemed names and breakthrough talents in the genre, featuring the likes of Dillinja, Camo & Krooked, DJ Randall, Fabio, Turno, Loadstar, Voltage, René LaVice, and a myriad of other distinguished artists.

In 2019, Andy C etched his name in history once more, becoming the first DJ to receive a second invitation to host a residency at XOYO London. His impact was seismic, as he achieved an unprecedented feat, selling out the entire 13-week run in less than three hours, overwhelming the XOYO website with an unprecedented surge in demand.

Building upon the foundation of Andy C’s groundbreaking achievements at XOYO London, this highly anticipated event is poised to script yet another unforgettable chapter in the club’s storied history. Authored by one of the definitive figures in bass music culture, this performance promises to be a triumphant third act, cementing XOYO’s legacy as an epicentre for groundbreaking Drum & Bass experiences.

Tickets go on sale on Monday 20th November starting at £25 +booking fees, grab yours here!


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