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G-Z-Y joins Identity Records with ‘Elysian’ EP


Shattering sound barriers of every persuasion, G-Z-Y has amassed a fierce catalog of tracks with support from all over: from artists such as Subantics, Amoss, and Geostatic to labels/collectives like Forbidden Frequencies, Yamatai Records, and Twisted Sounds Audio. Ready to flex his passion and knowledge of the dark side of DnB, it’s no surprise he has joined Identity Records – the premier label pushing that sound to the absolute brink – with his new EP ‘Elysian’.

The title track ‘Elysian’ opens the release with unrestrained fervor. A twin attack of reverb-soaked vocals and sinister bass hooks pull you in deeper with each passing second; meanwhile, the gravity of the rhythm section intensifies its focus on subfrequencies to the max. This tune will unhinge a dance floor in the blink of an eye.

Seeking to obliterate all resistance, label head Dis-Turbed joins forces with G-Z-Y to deliver the heavyweight ‘False Reality’. Thundering subs, crunchy snares, and haunting atmospheres collide in a no-holds-barred assault on the senses. Eerie stabs of fx arise without any warning, maximizing the deep vibe laying at its dark center. As each layer builds on top of each other, it reveals the overpowering nature of this collaboration.

‘Delayed’ enters the fray with a satisfying crackle, crafting a heady intro that coalesces into a seriously cold drop. The slightly restrained yet brimming energy flowing through the track creates a dichotomy of sound which cannot be ignored. Topping it all off with a stuttering vocal sample, it ceaselessly reverberates in your mind long after the last note has trailed off.

With gritty blasts of noise, ‘Symphonic’ rears its head from deep within the hidden chasms of the genre. Employing growling basslines that are equal parts wavy and rolling forms a tune that revels in subtlety – as the high-speed shuffle launches you into subspace, it becomes nearly overwhelming before dissipating back into haunting atmospherics.

Today we premiere ‘Elysian’ which you can check out below. The EP drops via Identity Records this Friday, 19th September. Make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!

Elysian cover

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