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Geo lands ‘Lost In Translation’ EP on Identity Records


With an otherworldly whiplash of sounds, Geo makes his singular presence known on the ‘Lost In Translation’ EP.  The latest from Identity Records contains four razor-sharp tracks featuring the heavy stripped-back crunch the label is known for, all while the producer deftly blends those elements with his own unique brand. Whether you crave the head-nodding thump of deep minimal or speaker-bending sound levels, there are bottomless depths to explore in each sound fibre on this release.

The title track wafts in through haunting atmospheres and intense rhythmic increases in volume,  as staccato synth stab winds into the drop. As the steady pace of the drum section lends pumps into the welterweight bass line, droney blasts of noise burrow into your brain incessantly and further cements its overwhelming power. Sealing it off with subtle layers of crackling noise, it reveals a deft touch of layering that keeps you diving deeper into it.

Throbbing minimal lies at the heart of ‘Spark Plug’, employing a seismic sub that shakes you to the core. Using a crunchy snare backed by a ferocious shuffle to create a fearsome flow; this counterbalances flawlessly against the walls of howling bass roars, dominating the open space sprawling throughout the track. Gothic organs hover ever so slightly in the background, reinforcing the ominous tones that whirl at the center.

‘Heavy and Mad’ is a slow churning number intensely focused on revelling in the dark side. The hypnotic drive of the snare acts as a metronome – relentless and menacing. A deep growling bassline throbs in the background like a tsunami in slow motion. Moody melancholic pads ebb and flow, providing a melodic respite from the ever present weight of its warring elements. Refusing to let up for even a moment, this is one of the heaviest weapons to bombard the airwaves yet this year.

Closing on a sinister vibe, ‘Resurrection’ employs a vocal sample straight from the underworld, forcing each layer to strictly follow suit. Savagely crunched out textures swirl around with reckless abandon, intoxicating the mind to its limit. With the interplay between the heavy-duty howls of the sub section and the mind-numbing clicks of the shuffle section stretching across the soundscape, this is a tune that pushes sound design to its limit while still carving a unique path all its own.

Check out our premiere of ‘Spark Plug’ below. The ‘Lost In Translation’ EP drops this Friday 28th July, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Lost In Translation cover

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