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K Mully drops ‘Hear This’ EP on Identity Records


Delivering another set of serious earworms, Identity Records brings forth K Mully with his EP ‘Hear This’ featuring two tracks of stripped-back weapons. Employing thick haunting atmospheres, crisp and crunchy sound design, and otherworldly instrument tones instantly send your senses straight into overdrive. Get ready for the deep and dark cuts you’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Maximal minimal through and through, ‘Hear This’ starts off with the single repetitive click of the hi-hat; the energy builds up as the filtered-out rhythm begins to collide with the mind-bending atmosphere powered by an intense vocal sample. This heavy kick starts the drop, a powerful blend of sub-heavy kicks and incisive snares that pack an overwhelming punch. Between the ever present onslaught of the drum section and the chaotic swirl emanating from the vocals, it brands itself into your brain without any hesitation.

Slowing the tempo down but multiplying the intensity, Reasxn joins K Mully on ‘Butcher’. Warbling bass stabs snake throughout the stripped-back beat, creating a twisted soundscape that counterpoints the spitfire delivery of the lyrics. Subtle touches, from the mutating pitch of the vocals to the explosive crack of the snare, hammer in the impact of diving head-first into a black hole. Once it breaks the sound barrier, it becomes all too obvious this is a serious speaker destroyer.

Check out our premiere of ‘Butcher’ below. K Mully’s ‘Hear This’ EP drops via Identity Records this Friday 27th October. Grab yourself a copy here!

Hear This cover

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