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Cyantific releases ‘Welcome To The Future’ VIP


Decades in the game and still coming up with the freshest sounds, Cyantific has long since moved from Hospital Records to Viper Recordings. Where he’s been churning out big tracks on a steady basis. Luckily for us, he’s still savvy enough to drop a cheeky one for the underground massive once in a while. Last year, Rampage Recordings were happy to be able to fire off ‘Welcome To The Future’. It’s a track that got caned by Andy C and made it to the top of the Beatport charts. Cyantific demonstrated a wicked take on the foghorn sound, long before it got rinsed, and added signature bone-crushing beats to great effect.

And as it goes with big tunes, there’s often a sequel! Rampage Recordings are very proud to present the VIP of one of last years biggest tracks!!

This is an absolute bomb and is sure to go off wherever it’s played out!

Cyantific ‘Welcome To The Future’ VIP is out on 7th June via Rampage Recordings. Check it out below and buy/pre-order here


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