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Reviewed: 15 years of Viper Recordings


Marking 15 years of dance floor devastation, the drum and bass label Viper Recordings took its best roster of artists to tear up central London’s Steel Yard. With artists like DC Breaks, Koven and Cyantfic it was the ultimate start to part one of their anniversary celebrations.

Sitting below a vast ammount of skyscapers, Steel Yard is one of London’s best locations. Housed in the eerie tombs of the London underground it was a perfect storm for the high paced chaos Viper brought.

As the clock struck 1 and the night was in full swing Koven and Muzzy stepped up for their b2b set to deliver a non-stop hour of dance floor exclusives. Fresh back from their headline b2b set at Rampage festival in Belgium they powered through with clinically arranged mixing and precision. Katie (Koven) also brought her signature vocals down the PA giving the night a whole new dimension. It was the perfect balance of mixing and live elements which really took the night up a notch.

Following them was the famed b2b of DC Breaks and Loadstar. Having witnessed their set before in Manchester back in 2016 I knew this could be one of the best hours of the night. As they ran their first tune it felt like the speakers had been cranked up. In remedy to this, I queried at the bar about disposable earplugs but was informed they only sold “professional” at £15 a pop. Disappointed, I headed back into the rave repositioning myself as far back as I could to minimise the damage the speakers could cause. Regardless of this DC Breaks & Loadstar tore up Steel Yard with an hour of unrelenting carnage.

Steel Yard was a great choice for the Viper Recordings night. Apart from the volume the acoustics worked well and the vibe of the venue perfectly complemented Vipers style of drum and bass. As we get into the midst of 2019 I can’t wait to see what Viper has in store and keep an eye out for more anniversary celebrations.


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