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Con-Figure debuts on M-Ocean Records with ‘Back Alley / Toska’


Con-Figure continues to elevate himself forward amercing himself in the Drum & Bass scene, creating sounds that enhance the Con-Figure style. ‘Back Alley’ introduces a solid backbeat of airy atmospheric synths that interchange with chunky drums and makes way for heart-pounding subs, merging with the track’s dirty baseline. When you think of ‘Back Alley’, dirty comes to mind and that’s what the baseline gives you. Get ready for a dopamine surge.

“The track ‘Toska’. In a nutshell, toska (written ‘TOCKA’ in Cyrillic) describes a sort of existential sadness. But to say that it represents this alone would be a great injustice.”

‘Toska’ is more on the darker side with its deep brooding bass and dark chopped breaks on the breakdown.

“I was obviously in a mood when I wrote this track, but I still like it. A case of turning something negative into something positive.”

Con-Figure formerly known as Joevirus has been making Drum & Bass since 2012. Intuition ran for roughly 2 and half years, catering for the deeper side of Drum & Bass. Joevirus was a resident DJ at the club and played aside many greats including Loxy, Uttah Jazz, Cern, Furney, and C4C, just to name a few.

“In 2019 I started producing again. I figured I would change my name to Con-Figure at this point, as it made sense… as I configured my life, and changed direction to a more musical-based sound in the form of liquid, and atmospheric DNB.”

First signing as Con-Figure on Complex Records in 2020 called ‘Holding on’ and ‘Break you’ Scott Allan signed tracks for the ‘Unsung Heroes 14’ LP a VA release on the mighty Soul Deep imprint, which hit no1 in the Juno Download album charts.

“I signed two tracks to Scott Allan which ended up being a six-track solo EP released in January 2022 called ‘Molten Jazz’. Since then I have written solo EPs on Soulfeeling Records, Liquid Drops, Omni Music, Smooth and Groove now the first of many for M Ocean Records.”

Today we premiere ‘Toska’ which you can check out below. The release drops this Friday 24th June on M Ocean Records, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Back Alley / Toska cover