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DJ E drops his ‘Aztec’ EP on M Ocean Records


DJ E’s debut 3 track release the ‘Aztec’ EP on M Ocean, showcases his diverse range within in the deeper, darker realms of the Drum & Bass spectrum. Launching straight into ‘Aztec’ suited to radio waves or packed arena. An energetic techy roller combined with warm tribal undertone beats to keep your head bopping. Intermittent scissoring baselines swirling round powering the track forward. Let it take you down the magical mystical rabbit hole…

Smoking crew where you at?!! ‘P.O.T.’ hits you with that old skool flavor, nodding towards the golden sounds of 98’ classic Techstep. A funky but also prominent break with a deadly hard-hitting sub bass, brought together with an intricate vocal sample and catchy beat. Don’t get to comfy, this one is a creeper! Get ready for the Amen switch up halfway through the first drop, stepping up the layers to another dimension, continuing the journey from a chill out vibe to raving material.

And finally, we have ‘Monkey Blood’ which continues to encapsulate the sounds DJ E is known for. A hard stepping beat which expands and contracts in all the right places, a thunderous bassline with a reverbed reese creating a unique approach. Let the vibrations take you deep into the brain of DJ E and his love for the darkness.

He’s mostly known for his time on London’s pirate, underground radio network and spent 17 years on Rude FM. He is now into his 9th year on London’s longest running underground radio station Kool London. DJ E currently holds down the 9-11pm slot Monday’s on a bi weekly basis. 

With recent releases ‘Burning Bridges’ EP on Mute8 and Tech Itch’s Re:sisted series Ian Kisten aka DJ E, has been DJing, producing Jungle, Drum and Bass music for over 25 years.  

Today we premiere ‘P.O.T.’ which in hindsight we should’ve uploaded yesterday…4 20, 4 20! Check it out below. If you’re feeling this like me then make sure you grab a copy of DJ E’s ‘Aztec’ EP using the purchase button beneath Soundcloud player!