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Change Of Pace drop ‘The Great British Fry Up’ on GTA


Milton Keynes / Bedford drum & bass act Change of Pace have been slowly building towards their forthcoming release on Grand Theft Audio, one of their biggest yet as their sound continues to spread across the UK. With Grand Theft Audio holding a beacon for the genre within one of the UK’s cultural capitals, Manchester, it was the perfect home for an EP entitled ‘The Great British Fry Up’ which sees the duo once again scale up an already expanding catalogue.

Six brand new selections characterise ‘The Great British Fry Up’, which is a collection of tracks which nods to Change of Pace’s cross-genre influences, as well as their experiences at drum & bass festivals such as Illusive and Tearout. Beginning their rave journey in the early 2000s, they’ve allowed their production to evolve alongside dance music’s movements, with the result being this fresh package of records from the pair. Already releasing under several names including South Yard MusicRandom Concept Origins and Noxious Records, they graduate onto Grand Theft Audio and each track highlights nearly a decade of experience making music. 

‘Crispy Bacon’ opens your musical palette with shuffling percussion, meanwhile ‘Black Pudding’ and its lofty atmospherics meets the rolling drum pedals of ‘Baked Beans’, and ‘French Toast’ with its cranking breaks. ‘Hash Browns’ grinds forward on top of orchestrated chaos, meanwhile ‘Brown Sauce’ continues to roll through with oscillating notes carrying its grooves. Another rung in the ladder for both producers and label, ‘The Great British Fry Up’ EP sets the year right, with even more music to come as it progresses. And these six tracks are helping to set the standard for each party in 2023

Today we premiere ‘French Toast’ which you can check out below. The EP drops this Friday, 10th February, make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!

The Great British Fry Up cover

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