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Change of Pace drop ‘Drunken Boxing’ EP on Random Concept Origins


Change of Pace is the brainchild of two multi-talented producers originating from Bedfordshire, UK. While having success at various tempos, Matt and Ryan wanted to settle at the prestigious BPM of 174. 

From the moment Change of Pace made the decision to produce Drum & Bass, the act was born and they began working on music immediately. Since the point of inception, their output has been free-flowing with monthly releases on new and exciting labels. Now, the duo is working with the likes of Noxious, South Yard, Shadownet, Gorilla Tactics plus many more. 

Their unique style takes influence from their exposure to other genres and it seriously shows in their prominent leads and heart-thumping bass. Change of Pace make their Random Concept Origins debut with the ‘Drunken Boxing’ EP. 

This has now become a milestone in their musical journey, as they spent their youth hanging off barriers at Random Concept, Slammin’ Vinyl, One Nation, Accelerated Culture and many more. This sizzling passion for the music has personified itself in this banging EP. The 4 tracks take a step through the ages and display the duo’s experiences and productional skill.

The EP has been supported by Nicky Blackmarket, Monrroe, K-Jah, Enta, Richie Weaver, Filthy Habits and loads more!

Today we premiere the title track ‘Drunken Boxing’ which sees the duo collaborate with Domini and seriously bangs! Check it out below and grab the EP when it drops on 12th February from here


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