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Carasel’s ‘Dreams Of Paradise’ ft. DRS & Blacksmith gets remixed by Keeno


Carasel‘s 2022 hip-hop album, ‘Dreams Of Paradise’, continues to receive significant airplay even a year after its release. Among the standout tracks, the title song features the renowned, gravel-voiced Mancunian artist DRS and the legendary Bristol rapper Blacksmith, both award winners in their own right. Together, they exchange verses about persevering in the challenging music industry, maintaining a relentless attitude and refusing to give up.

For the summer season, the exceptionally talented producer Keeno has reimagined the track, infusing it with a vibrant energy that perfectly suits sunshine-filled days and festival stages. The remix offers uplifting, euphoric, and deeply emotional flavours. Keeno has masterfully amplified the emotional depth of the original composition by introducing new chords that tug at the heartstrings, underscoring the message conveyed by Carasel, DRS, and Blacksmith. Their words, set against such an eloquent soundscape, exude an unmistakable sincerity.

Notably, Keeno has recently parted ways with Hospital Records and embarked on his own musical venture called Keeno Music. Meanwhile, Carasel, DRS, and Blacksmith are all engaged in a whirlwind of summer activities, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to chasing their own ‘Dreams Of Paradise’.

I am really excited to bring you the premiere of Keeno’s remix of Carasel’s ‘Dreams Of Paradise’ ft. DRS & Blacksmith. Check it out below, it truly is a masterpiece and perfect for the summer. The track drops today via AFT Records make sure you grab a copy for your arsenal from here!

Dreams Of Paradise cover
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