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Reviewed: DRS ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’


DRS has been touring the UK with his hugely anticipated ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ tour for the past few weeks and recently landed at Lost Horizon, Bristol – it was out of this world. Lost Horizon and Alternate played host for the Bristol leg of the tour and the tickets selling out, comes as no surprise. Entering the room you were greeted with a huge planet of a disco ball, with hues of pink and purple lights cascading throughout the room and reflecting off the mirrored sphere.

The mood was set from the get-go and you could taste the anticipation in the air. Alternate have been hosting events for a decade, recently celebrating their 10th birthday – something which was evident from the exceptional organisation and running of the event. From the décor, sound system and atmosphere, to the team working behind the scenes and on the door, I offer a huge tip of the hat to you all! It was wonderful to be in such an open and carefree space, filled with ecstatic fans and friendly faces.

Indigo opened the event spinning the finest of tunes for us. Showcasing some of her favourite tunes, the Bristol-based DJ created an excitable atmosphere and set the bar high for the rest of the evening. It was wicked to see the female representation on this lineup, and Indigo is certainly one to watch.

Everbee followed on and graced Bristol with a beautiful and soulful set. The Manchester singer spread her hypnotic vocals through the room. The term street-soul suited her performance, her voice painted the melody with a fine brush, filling the room with her captivating tones. It was a pleasure to watch the live singer and indulge in her enigmatic stage presence.

Next up we had Dogger who satisfied our Drum & Bass hunger. DRS and Dogger have long worked together and it was a dream to watch him play. His work and chemistry with DRS were clear from the start and his familiar breaks and track selection were naughty and the whole set was filled with charisma. The crowd was locked in and looking up, it felt impossible to tear myself away for a break and didn’t stop dancing.

Finally, falling from the stars the man himself landed on earth and was otherworldly. DRS was joined by 8 Gold Rings; the mind-blowing 8 piece band. You could smell the chemistry in the air between them and it was a spectacle of talent. There was no better sound than the familiar rasps of DRS, accompanied by the incredible instrumentals from 8 Gold Rings. The 8 piece band filled the room with spirit, transporting the beautiful melody combined with the charming vocals of the multi-talented Dominic who joined them on stage for their rendition of ‘The View’. Watching Drum & Bass played by a live orchestra adds an extra element of soul to the music which suited the infamous track to a tee. Their anticipated performance of ‘The View’ was the highlight for me, the song has been a huge part of my Drum & Bass life with such emotion carrying through the lyrics. I’m sure I speak for many who stood alongside me in the crowd when I say, this was an enchanting performance and was a pinnacle moment of the evening.

We were later presented with one of DRS’ most infamous tracks ‘Overthinking’ which brought a whole new level of excitement. You could watch the sea of heads moving in unison, everyone was dancing and moving together like a herd of impulsive animals. Everyone had hands in the air and smiles on their faces – a clear sign of admiration for the MC and all those that joined him on his journey that evening. The dedicated fandom that attended the evening all came together for the love and music and it will be a highlight of my events for a while to come. The combination of 8 Gold Rings, DRS, Dogger and Dominic, Everbee and Indigo is so tasteful and every single performance was delicious.

This was the night we all fell to earth!


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