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LO! drops ‘Chemicals’ EP on AFT Records


AFT Records are hyped to announce the debut release for their transatlantic connection ‘Lights Out/LO!’. He has burst into the scene with a fresh and colourful sound and continuously shook their inbox with new heaters over the last year in his quest to be their first international signing.

After LO! visited one of their Bristol parties last year he loved the vibe at AFT. From that moment he made it his mission to get involved with the notorious label. He got his head down and produced some irresistible tracks, including 4 Chemical compounds that will get to work quicker than the Pfizer vaccine! AFT Records fought off tough competition to ensure they could secure enough doses to distribute to the Jungle/Drum & Bass community. Now LO!’s ‘Chemicals’ EP is about to explode as the reaction results in undeniable combustion!

First up is ‘Slack Line’, an Intalex-esque roller which gets better and better as it progresses. Lots of subtle, musical developments, a warm low sub and a gorgeous vocal cut complements the crisp drums. Scorcher!

Next up is our premiere for today, ‘Bleed’. This one carries a more atmospheric intro, with slicing percussive breaks and a bassline that could potentially cause a major haemorrhage. Absolute fire!!

The title track ’Chemicals’ is a weighty, stepper. Breaks set the tone with a reece that will give you nightmares for days. The balance between musical notes in the breakdown and the darker side of the drop is sublime.

Last but not least is ‘Twenty4’ a roller with monstrous bass chops and twisted FX, really well placed samples and tones. As with the rest of his productions, it keeps developing and new elements are added throughout to keep you on your toes.

Check out ‘Bleed’ below. LO! drops his ‘Chemicals’ EP on AFT on 13th February, you can get a copy from here


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