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Best In Bass: DC Breaks and the SUBPAC X1


Since 2013, SUBPAC has been the global leader in high-fidelity tactile audio technology for music, gaming, VR, automotive and media, transforming traditional audio content into multi-sensory physical experiences.

Beyond haptics, SUBPAC’s proprietary customizable hardware and software platform enables creators to unlock the power of bass frequencies and optimize their content for a deeper audience connection. With offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Montreal and London, SUBPAC is powered by a team of key investors including TimbalandKyrie IrvingCarmelo Anthony and other notable venture and strategic investors.

The new SUBPAC X1 is a software-driven, modular, wireless design that is focused on creators, audio professionals and serious enthusiasts. The SUBPAC X1 offers an innovative hybrid design allowing for both wearable and seated experiences – one SUBPAC, from the studio to the street to the stage and beyond. The SUBPAC X1 system features a companion control module, the SUBPAC C1, for professional analog, digital and wireless connectivity, offering maximum freedom and flexibility.

The SUBPAC X1 is built on the SUBPAC FLOW platform, an extensible set of software and hardware technologies that are fast becoming the de-facto standard for creating and delivering deep, immersive audio experiences. In addition to the Pro-Audio market SUBPAC is making significant forays into the broader audio markets with partnerships in key industries including Automotive, Home-Cinema, Gaming and Health & Wellness. Its best-in-class patented hardware technologies, advanced content optimization algorithms, and sensor-driven controls are laying the foundation for the next generation of powerful immersive media experiences.

DC Breaks have joined forces with singer/songwriter Eva Lazarus for their brand new anthem ‘We Never Slow Down’, forthcoming from their album project ‘DCXV’. Celebrating fifteen years of DC Breaks, it’s a journey through the sounds which the duo have penned since first releasing on Ram Records.

DC Breaks continue with a host of reworks of their classic tracks, as well as fresh new deliveries alongside several collaborators, including the vocal talents of Eva Lazarus, this LP is also peppered with new music from one of Ram‘s most notable members. 

Through soaring vocal crescendos and dancefloor infused breakdowns, blaring horns and scuttling bass riffs, DC Breaks submerge you within their intricate tones. That’s one more selection dropping as part of their ‘DCXV’ package and it signals a step closer to its eventual release. 

To coincide with the release of their new track and the launch of the SUBPAC X1, DC Breaks have carefully selected some tunes which they feel are perfect for SUBPAC use. They’ve also created a Spotify playlist with even more tracks, which you can find at the end of the feature.

Noisia & Prolix ‘Asteroids’

Super bouncy sub line, you can really feel the space in the bass actually when using the SUBPAC, that’s where the groove lies; in the side chaining and the spaces between the bass notes.  As a rule, if you want funk you generally have to make space in the bassline rather than have it continually droning under the drums.  This is a perfectly executed example of that!

Blade Runner 2049 ‘Wallace’ / ‘Mesa’

Something maybe a bit different but the cinematic low drones and sub frequency rumbles in cinema bring another dimension to using the SUBPAC, and this super epic soundtrack uses up the whole frequency spectrum, and is way more sub heavy than most other soundtracks.  In fact just go and watch the whole film with the SUBPAC!  It adds so much depth and enhances what you’re watching, pulling you in.  

Mefjus & Noisia ‘Foundations’

…. Oof! There’s a couple of sumptuous low notes in this bassline that the pac really delivers on. All the low frequency design in this track is spot on.

Rusko ‘Cockney Thug’

Surely the kind of music the SUBPAC is designed for!  Bit of a throwback but the rolling LFO bassline and a SUBPAC gets your whole body throbbing along.

Icarus ‘October’

Such a wicked record, effortlessly cool vibes, perfect b line but the SUBPAC just transforms it all, puts it right into your bones!

Ram Trilogy ‘Titan’

An anthem of its time, the slow resonant bass has such a recognisable warble, you can really feel the swell on the SUBPAC, like it’s 2005 in The End.

Dusky ‘Mr Man’

Super tight and punchy kick and bass on this record, sounds nice and clean on the SUBPAC.

Chameleon ‘Links’

There’s so much separation between the sub bass and the rest of the music in this track.  The bass sits perfectly and feels so clean through the SUBPAC.  Honestly makes me feel like I’m at Section 5 records again!

Jamie xx ‘Sleep Sound’

There are moments in this where it filters down to just sub, so you really get a sense of what’s going on down there.  It’s really just a load of mesmerising lush music on top of a bouncy sub bass line.  Perfect

DC Breaks ‘We Never Slow Down’ (ft Eva Lazarus)

We wrote this in ‘E’ so it kicks off on a rather low note which kicks through really nicely on the SUBPAC.

The SUBPAC X1 starts shipping in March 2021 with prices starting at £399. Earlybirds can get a £50 discount if they pre-order now. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER YOURS TODAY!

DC Breaks ‘We Never Slow Down’ (ft Eva Lazarus) drops via Ram Records on Friday 20th November.

Check out the Spotify Playlist DC Breaks have put together to feel the full effects of SUBPAC below:


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