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Reviewed: NASS Festival 2019


The summer months mark that time of the year that everyone is constantly itching for, festival season, and what better way to get things rolling than by a little trip down to Shepton Mallet for the annual meetup at Nass Festival. A place that has become one of the essentials on everyone’s festival lists and it’s not hard to see why. Every year a combination of ravers, musicians, artists, DJs and even athletes come together for a celebration of music, art and sports. Unfortunately, this year we were only able to attend the festival on the Saturday but nonetheless, it would’ve been a shame if we didn’t share how things went down!

Skate park
Photo by: Adam Lievesley

On arrival, the aesthetic of Nass Festival is absolutely everything it should be. Straight away you know exactly the kind of vibe to expect, a stripped back underground vibe. The festival site is packed with street art, quirky stalls, indoor warehouse stages and the standout icon, an outdoor skate park. It’s rare to visit a festival these days that isn’t just in any bog-standard field with a bunch of tents set up, so even if the ridiculous lineup isn’t enough to draw you into the festival (it should be!), then the festival site itself should be something you definitely think about experiencing!

Photo by: Jack Frost

Leading on from the wicked look of the site, what better way to kick things off then at the Southbank stage, a dark warehouse and If you’re a serious raver you should be just as excited as we were. DC Breaks and Loadstar were in control of the decks and before we’d even managed to get comfortable they were straight into action dishing up some serious weight such as Loadstar’s remix of Mefjus ‘If I Could’. Now as if the original track wasn’t good enough, Loadstar slapped their style on it and flipped it into a lovely little roller, getting things at the Southbank stage off to an electric start. Keeping the tempo in the place high, the pair continued with their fine selection of drum and bass and really gave us a glimpse of what else was in store for the rest of the evening.

As we were only at Nass Festival for the day we wanted to move about as much as we could to try and catch as much of the action as possible. After a quick amble around the site we found ourselves at another warehouse stage called Renegade for an hour of teeth gritting jump up with none other than Nicky Blackmarket, Profile and Fatman D. Now one thing to know about Nass is that it has a huge jump up following and let’s just say it became incredibly clear during this set. Nicky Blackmarket and Profile were absolutely shelling it down, serving up tracks capable of making you pull faces you didn’t even know you could pull. Dropping some absolute jump up classics such as DJ Hazard ‘Time Tripping’, and two absolute stinkers by Annix, ‘Power Chords and ‘Nuff Sound Can’t Play’. The pace about the place was unreal, triple drops flying all over the shop and gunfingers seen from left to right, front to back.

After an intense power hour of jump up, the time was now 10PM which meant it was time to head over to the Hangar stage for the much anticipated Crucast takeover. If you haven’t heard of the Crucast boys over the past two years then you must have been living under the rock. Fresh off of shows in Outlook, Ibiza, Hideout and a weighty UK tour, the Crucast lads are going from strength to strength and are showing no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Inside the Hangar

The crowd inside the Hangar was on another level, a packed out 6,000 capacity tent with a one in one out queue lasting around 30+ minutes so it was clear to see that we were in for something special here. We had arrived at the takeover just in time for the start of TS7’s set and every man and their dog was ready for this one. Being one of the more recent faces of Crucast, TS7 has a stellar catalogue of productions which prove just why he’s hot in the scene right now. Spinning some crowd favourite’s of his such as TS7 ‘I Could Be The One’, a song with a drop that cuts straight through you and TS7 ‘Real Raver (Ft. Slick Don)’.

Up next was none other than the current face of bassline, Skepsis. Someone who’s rise to the top hasn’t gone unnoticed with shows all over the world from London, to Australia and even the US as he joined Jauz on his ‘Bite This’ tour last year as well as playing at Holy Ship earlier this year. The vibe about the place as his intro played out was out of this world, everyone in the crowd couldn’t have been more pumped up for his set. Playing his recent single ‘Rush’ and more heaters from his catalogue such as a crowd favourite ‘Mr Virgo – Hypnotical (Skepsis Remix)’ Skepsis had the whole tent bouncing non-stop during his set.

The time was now midnight and luckily, we had time to run back over to the Southbank stage for the last hour of DJ Hype back to back DJ Hazard, a serious B2B consisting of two legends in the game. Both known for their insane mixing skills and intense sets, this was a back to back that no one wanted to miss. Double drops galore is one way to describe the hour as the pair perfectly mixed vocals and face melting drops seamlessly to a packed out warehouse. Dropping heaters such as Turno ‘Asylum’ and who can forget Benny L ‘Vanta Black’. The Playaz boys were tearing the Southbank a new one and had everyone skanking out as the night drew closer to the last couple of hours.

For our last hour of the day we thought we’d head back to the Hangar for drum and bass rising star and new member of Crucast, Kanine. Someone who everyone in the jump up scene will be familiar with but someone who’s also making waves amongst the rest of the scene. With recent tracks such as ‘Want You’ and his remix of Friction ‘Forever Dub (Kanine Remix), there was no one better to bring the day to a close for us. Serving up some serious heaters such as a track from his trio Distress Signal ‘Stay’ as well as his much-loved ‘Hackney Parrot’ bootleg, Kanine had the energy In the Hangar just as high as it was at the start of the night as he spun through an eclectic selection.

The time was now 2am and time for us to head home after a long old night of hard hitting raving. Hats off to all of the DJs involved and hats off to the Nass crew for what was an absolutely serious night. If you’re into something a bit more underground and don’t mind getting right into the mix of things then Nass Festival is the place to go.

Nass Festival 2019 it was a pleasure.


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