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‘Aaron Jay Presents: Diaries from Detroit City’ drops on Influence Records


18 months in the making, and Influence Records‘ first compilation album ‘Aaron Jay Presents: Diaries from Detroit City’ is finished.

The album has been a bit of a labour of love, as Aaron started piecing this album together back in 2020. The idea for the album was not to piece together a simple selection of singles but to create an album where the tracks could be hung together by a concept. Outstanding quality was front of mind as were the artists that were to be involved – the concept focused on Detroit Techno-inspired Drum & Bass and the sounds that have influenced Aaron’s selections over the years.

The result is a carefully thought-out selection of tracks that have varying nods to the Detroit Techno Drum & Bass sound. From newcomers such as, A-Audio to veteran producers like Lynx and Bungle, those that made it on to the album did so with class and finesse.

To add polish to the album, Lynx also mastered all the tracks to make sure they sounded both clean and energetic within the clubs. The album will be released alongside an exclusive mix of the tracks by Aaron Jay.

“I’d like to thank all the artists that have contributed to this album, A-Audio, Ben Soundscape, Lynx, Bungle, Easy, Conrad Subs, CPH, HLZ, Flaco, Hobzee, Simplification, Wagz, Seba and L-Side. There’s not one tune on this album I don’t love. I’m especially grateful to Bungle for kick-starting the project by contributing the track ‘Parallels’ that was originally signed to Soul:r. This track set the tone for the rest of the album. I would also like to thank Jay our label manager and Steve Lynx for his continued support and for doing such an incredible job at mastering this album. I hope you enjoy listening to the album as much as I have selecting and piecing it together.”

Aaron Jay

Today we premiere HLZ’s contribution which comes in the shape of ‘Detroit Dreamers’, you can check it out below. ‘Aaron Jay Presents: Diaries from Detroit City’ drops via Influence Records on Friday 17th June, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Aaron Jay Presents: Diaries from Detroit City cover

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