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V O E prepare to drop new single ‘New World’


You may have heard of V O E from their infectious debut single ‘Asking For It’, or their epic underground EP ‘Controlled Chaos’, where the duo seamlessly creates their unique yet catchy, hybrid drum and bass, EDM and electro-pop genre.

After a couple of months back in the studio, the duo has returned to the soundwaves and it’s clear there is still a bit to get off their chests. Things have gotten heavy with the release of their next single ‘New World’, scheduled for release on 23rd August.

V O E 'New World' artwork

‘New World’ is a ferocious, bass-driven drum and bass banger. The combination of vocals from V O E’s Tevlo and CARZi brings the track to new levels as the duo verbally battle over the pain of relationships, cheating and distrust.

“’New World’ is the story of heartache and redemption, encapsulating the questions and unresolved emotional turmoil that are left after a breakup. Noticing that in some relationships, it becomes to much for some people to own up to their actions and apologize, instead taking notes from Houdini himself and disappearing without a word.”

“Tevlo perfectly returns fire with a hard hitting vocal that cuts deep down to the core. Acknowledging that perhaps in situations like this, these people were never fully checked in to the relationship in the first place, so at the end of the day should we really put energy into someone we never truly had in the first place?” – CARZi.

With a dark cinematic instrumental under powerfully vulnerable vocals, ‘New World’ will stir up emotions and throw them straight back at you.

‘New World’ is out on Australian electronic label Global League on 23rd August. Check it out below and grab a copy here