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Savanna Kate drops ‘Obvious’ on Global League


Savanna Kate is diving headfirst into the vocal Drum & Bass scene with her latest single, ‘Obvious’. It’s a real heart-on-your-sleeve kind of tune, all about that urge to reignite an old flame, set against a backdrop of infectious Liquid Drum & Bass with a poppy twist. With lines like “I want you back, I want you back, I want you back, I want you”, it’s the kind of earworm that sticks with you.

“Obvious was inspired by an unexpected run in with an ex boyfriend at a party. The song is a reflection of how it feels to wonder if your emotions are written all over your face, and how someone can be so calm and nonchalant when you’re standing there in absolute chaos inwardly.”

Savanna Kate

True to form, Savanna recorded ‘Obvious’ in the cosy confines of a friend’s home studio, the same spot where she first dipped her toes into pop music waters years ago. She starts the process solo, crafting the bones of the song from her home in Southern Australia before teaming up with her producer, Tom, who’s also one half of the Aussie Drum & Bass duo V O E. Together, they breathe life into the track, tweaking beats and chords until everything clicks.

Reflecting on the creation of ‘Obvious’, Savanna admits it wasn’t all smooth sailing. They had to trim some lyrics and go back to the drawing board with the production a few times, a departure from their usual workflow.

Looking ahead, Savanna’s got three more equally infectious singles queued up for release in the coming months, with no signs of slowing down on the music-making front.

Check out our premiere of ‘Obvious’ below which Savanna Kate and Global League are giving away as a free download! It dropped today (8th May), grab yourself a copy from here!

Obvious cover

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