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Stabfinger releases ‘Galileo’ on Boomerang Records


Boomerang Records bursts onto the scene with a jazz and funk-infused, experimental journey of liquid drum and bass. The London-based label strikes this July 5th with their debut album ‘A Jazzual Experiment’. Following a run of successful nights in London and Leeds, including a sold-out Bussey Building event, this begins their journey as a record label. The album features tracks from Mystic State, LaMeduza, Javano, Bert H & High N Sick, Lurch, SD, Larigold and up and comers Sepoys, Soul Defiance, Psillie G and Oxytocin. There’s also 2 tracks from French funk producer, Stabfinger, we premiere ‘Galileo’ today.


Nicolas Atlan aka Stabfinger is an artist that performs in both the conventional musical field and the electronic. From techno to classical, he always fills the music with his special touch. He was born in France and played the piano from a very young age. Being the son of musicians he grew up surrounded by musical instruments, which shaped his openness to any genre and musical style.

When he moved to Italy he discovered techno music. Thanks to some cheap machines he attempted to emulate these sounds, and carve his own groove. The results were instantaneous. Very quickly he was playing at European festivals with big names of the underground scene. Over the years, he discovered electronic music in its purest form and he began developing alternative projects. In 2010, Nicolas started his solo project Stabfinger. The sound is a mixture of techno, breakbeat, funk and hip-hop. With ‘Galileo’ he enters deep dub techno territories and adds further diversity to his musical profile.

‘A Jazzual Experiment’ LP is a unique blend of flavours from all around the world, and Boomerang Records is definitely not afraid of crossing any boundaries when it comes to blending genres, experimenting, and creating an original sound.

Boomerang Records are holding a launch event at Corsica Studios on the night of the release (July 5th) featuring artists from the album, including a 2-hour exclusive set from Mystic State & LaMeduza, and 2 special guest headliners, Makoto and Utah Jazz.

Check out Stabfinger ‘Galileo’ below and grab a copy of ‘A Jazzual Experiment’ LP here


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