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Razlom and Julia Marks join forces for ‘MoneyMoney’


Razlom is an electronic music project formed by Nouwa and Encode, two guys who have been producing music for a long time. In 2017, they released their first EP ‘Arrival’ on the Major League Recordings imprint. Over the course of the Past three years, the duo have been developing their own formula of transforming their talent, ideas and long sleepless nights into a robust music production device. As a result, at the end of 2019 Razlom fired a kill shot called ‘Gunboi’ on a sister-label of RAM RecordsProgRAM. This track was warmly received by both fans of the genre across the globe and the giants of the drum & bass scene, who are still playing the catchy ‘Gunboi’ drop on their gigs and podcasts.

Inspired by this, the guys of Razlom have decided to give free rein to their сreativity, which is really exciting. In early 2020 they launched their Razlom Music label, a media platform that will allow everyone to enjoy the multifaceted musical imagination of its creators, without any cuts and restrictions.

The first release for Razlom Music is our premiere today entitled ‘MoneyMoney’, which features the stunning multi-genre singer and MC, Julia Marks the first female to reach the finale of the infamous Russian Hip Hop battle InDaBattle. She has also been heavily present within the world of drum & bass. Having performed to several thousand people at the biggest drum & bass events in Russia – including World of Drum & Bass and Bassland, she’s also taken part on releases for the likes of labels ProgRAM, Lifted Music and Renegade Hardware and for artists such as Magnetude!

The track begins with her heavy-hitting recitative, which then organically phases into a catchy vocal chorus, followed by a machine-gun burst of venomous live drums and a crispy bass line that shakes the whole space with fat vibrations.

Without a doubt this year, Razlom will show the world what they are made of, with a decent amount of bullets ready to fire by Razlom Music. Watch this space!

Check out ‘MoneyMoney’ below and make sure you turn it up loud! It drops on 25th May so grab it from here


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