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Task Horizon & Julia Marks link up for ‘Synesthesia’ on Evolution Chamber


Synesthesia… When one sense is felt through another sense. A fascinating glitch in the humanoid modular patch bay that’s deep in our sensorial recesses. A place where neural wires are rerouted into places beyond the norm to create a multi-dimensional experience.

Those who have synesthesia might see colours when hearing sounds, they might taste flavours when seeing words or taste certain foods and connect them to particular geometric shapes.

It’s a fascinating condition that’s believed to be experienced by 6% of the world population day-to-day… And something 100% of us experience. Task Horizon and Julia Marks’ take on ‘Synesthesia’.

Following their beautiful run of new singles last year – ‘Hurt’, ‘Sahara’ and ‘Like This’ – ‘Synesthesia’ is Task Horizon’s latest epic slab of highly emotional and technical Drum & Bass. This time linking up with renowned and decorated Russian songwriter and vocalist Julia Marks, an evocative singer who has previously worked with fellow Evolution Chamber founders Magnetude, ‘Synesthesia’ is a dramatic explosion of elements. The symphonic intro, Julia’s yearning, soaring vocal and those 23rd century bass textures all compound and galvanise in a bid to re-route our ears and minds to many other systems in our bodies… Our increased heart rate, our goosebump-ravaged skin, countless memories of late-night neuro throwdowns in the middle of fields and arenas and our friends we’ve met in doing so.

All these senses felt through and with each other, all triggered by an immense production that punches with dynamic energy and a playful sense of theatre. A production that’s been created by some hugely accomplished kindred spirits. This is the power of music. This is the sound of Evolution Chamber right down to its very DNA.

Humanoid modular patch bays at the read… This is one case of synesthesia we can all experience.

Check out our premiere of ‘Synesthesia’ below. The track drops this Friday 31st March, grab a copy of this beast from here!

Synesthesia cover

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