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Reviewed: Various Artists ‘Initium LP’ [Intrinzic Music]


Intrinzic Music is a young Bristol-based label dedicated to ‘dynamic, eclectic and forward thinking’ bass music, which aims to bring a sense of enlightenment and escapism to the listener. This is to be realised by exploring emotions and context, events, combining content and reality. The ‘Initium LP’ is a truly remarkable debut for this project, packed with dubby, breaky and jazzy records.

‘Journey Into Wayward Lands’ by Synergy Sound opens the album with a jazzy intermezzo between Leftfield and Experimental. Stasys ‘The Uncertainty Principle’ is this continuously glitching, extremely dreamy piece and Maynixs ‘Vapour’ is then again Glitch Hop as it should be, funky, playful, crazy. There is only one word I can think of for Culprates ‘Eighty Six’: DELUXE! If you like driving bass in Halftime outfit and soothing psychedelic atmosphere you will be more than helped with ‘TURQUoISE’ by Kursa. The second part slaps hard! Aenaks ‘Watchu’ is clearing up heavily with industrial aesthetics and Seppas ‘Inga’ is a stepper in the face of the Lord. The tail light makes King Break with ‘Perfect’ which ranges somewhere between 90’s Boom Bap and nonchalant rollers of modern times.

‘Initium’ comes from Latin and means ‘beginning’. The LP definitely functions as such for the young label and features an array of both upcoming and established artists which naturally delve into exploratory realms.

‘Initium’ is out now and available from here

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Umut Avialan

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