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Manikin remixes Telomic ‘Inferior’ on Lost Recordings


Following on from Lost Recordings launch, of their ‘Lost: Remixed’ series, part 2 takes a handful of their most beloved and spun tunes from the past five years and transforms them into a new curation of remixes by some of the label’s most esteemed artists.

There’s no better way to flip a track on its head than to send it to the other side of the world. Telomic’s ‘Inferior’ made it down under to Manikin who came back with a stunning rendition. This is the track we’ve chosen to premiere today, but there’s a load of other tracks to tell you about.

Bristol-based Kyrist takes on an absolute smasher from favourite Dutchman DOt. Crafting something fresh from the deep, melodic foundations set with his track ‘Argus’ that stands true to Kyrist’s established sound.

You wouldn’t give Kobe beef to your local kebab shop, and for Lost Recordings ‘Never Forget’ is a grass-fed classic. They hoped to give the stems to someone who’d treat them with the respect they deserve. Unfortunately, they ended up with Dedman…(hahaha)!

Rafiki’s been holding onto the stems for Defraction’s ‘Erra’ for the best part of a year! At least one good thing has come out of the lockdown as he finally got the job done.

Every producer loves to work with vocals, and Abstrakt Vision is no exception. He jumps on Draize’s ‘Infrastructure’, using Slippy’s lyrics to “give it some welly” once more.

Closing off the EP is their remix competition winner Moytra who almost took an instant win when they checked his entry. It’s a sleek, understated version of the loud and aggressive ‘Mashenist’. It still retains the original vibe of Hybert Phillips’ style.

Luckily social distancing doesn’t affect the ability to fire stems around the world and despite the lack of raves, the rave music continues flowing. As the light at the end of the tunnel gets closer if you blink hard enough you can pretend it’s a strobe!

Check out Telomic ‘Inferior’ (Manikin Remix) below. The EP is out for release on 28th August on Lost Recordings so make sure you grab yourself a copy from here


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