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Lost Recordings mark their 50th release with a VA LP


A benchmark has been reached at Lost Recordings as they clock their 50th release on the label. This is a big moment for the guys and they deliver some of the best underground music they have to offer. For this chapter, they’re bringing us a variety of sonic flavours and styles to match all tastes. These range from straight up early morning bangers right through to the deeper side of Drum & Bass.

The VA brings together 16 tracks of production galore featuring music from Abstrakt Vision, BRK, Draize, Dedman, Fearful, Rafiki, Hybert Phillips, Ingot, LNO, No Human Sound, Primal Tribes, Qua Rush, Raybee, Sentic Cycle and Super Rush.

The artists involved have all had a part to play in the label so far, with a couple of new names added to the list that they have been excited to work with. Each track brings its own mood and throws you into a state of head rush of those classic club moments making us all miss the music life we once lived in. However, it gives us hope that even though times are bleak, people are still knuckling down on their beats and focusing to keep the spirit of Drum & Bass alive. 

Lost Recordings want to say a massive thank you to all the artists and people behind the scenes that have helped them get to where they are today and hope to keep being part of such a thriving community. Seven years deep now and not planning on stopping anytime soon, they hope to all see us in the dance soon and be back in the setting we all love.

Today, we premiere ‘Downstream’ which comes from label boss Draize and features the vocal talents of Sydney! Check it out below. The LP drops on Friday 23rd April, make sure you grab a copy using the purchase link!


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