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M:Pathy returns to Lost Recordings with ‘Percolate / Vacillate’


M:Pathy returns to Lost Recordings for the 55th release on the imprint. His debut single ‘Percolate / Vacillate’ brings out a modern clean sound mixed with gravelly, grounding funk. Currently residing in Vienna, M:Pathy has developed a more mature approach to his productions as well as collaborating with many of the brightest that the Viennese scene has to offer.

The A-side ‘Percolate’ showcases a dark club shaker full of thick, guttural roars. Completed by the second track ‘Vacillate’, bringing high energy with chopping and shuddering mids. This release is a well-curated mix of 2 tracks that stand out on their own but work well hand-in-hand.

Today we premiere ‘Vacillate’ which you can check out below. The release drops via Lost Recordings tomorrow (Tuesday 31st May 2022), make sure you grab a copy for your collection from here!

Vacillate cover

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