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Invadhertz join Delta9 Recordings with ‘Places’ EP


Invadhertz hail from a destination that specialises in the same dark and heavy music as they themselves do; Italy is celebrated for its moody club spaces and hard-hitting sounds and this is where Invadhertz drew their inspiration from. Now finding their place within the London scene, they’ve been building their place within its trenches and from here they’re about to unleash yet another groundbreaking EP. Having already released on the likes of Flexout Audio and Addictive Behaviour, they return to the back catalogue of Delta9 Recordings with a four track ‘Places’ EP which includes a huge remix by the legend Fre4knc.

‘Neo Tribes’ opens the EP and is entices you with patches of rolling, ominous percussion and a painstakingly engineered sound design. It steps through the mix with each meticulously constructed sixteen bar, becoming more and more overwhelming as it breaks and you’re driven through every intricate layer. LaMeduza joins Invadhertz for ‘Take Me Places’, with its soft drum rhythms and delightful vocal overtures. Following this we find our premiere ‘No One’ which will enchant you with his groovy rhythm and sharp drum work, and slowly bringing the EP to the next tune. Coming next is ‘Not Enough’ another deep roller unique for its chords’ work which progression will bring you over an endless journey.

Fre4knc is the next artist who jumps on board with a remix of the already known collab between Invadhertz and Qua Rush, a brooding record which becomes more intense as it plays out, with each punching beat and weighty sub roll. Fre4knc knows how to create a track which is thumping, tech-filled and packs a punch with every layer.

Invadhertz ‘Places’ EP drops on Delta9 Recordings on 20th March. Check out ‘No One’ below and grab the EP from here


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