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Glÿph & Hystatus drop ‘Azimuth’ EP on Delta9


The cross-continental sounds of Delta9 Recordings have been making themselves known over recent months. That’s due to the high-calibre releases they’ve been dropping onto a worldwide fan base, despite being based out of both Berlin and Bergamo, which both stand as two of Europe’s biggest cultural hubs. Founded in 2012, the combined influence of both cities have brought forward incredibly slick releases, with their dark, minimalistic and techstep sounds flooding the market and drawing a huge fan base towards the imprint.

Their forthcoming ‘Azimuth’ EP from Glÿph & Hystatus is likely to have the same effect. Appealing directly to the heads and staying true to the underground realms which forged the label in its earliest days.

Opening up the EP ‘Meridian’ leads you into the fray, with sweeping atmospherics, slowly gyrating drums and moody percussion which hides underneath the mix. Slowly the track comes into play, taking you down a minimalist chasm streamlined by distorted top layers. ‘Azimuth’, the title track, follows the same manipulated moniker, with smashing hi-hats moving you through a progressing drop, one which leaves you freefalling against rolling breaks and an old-school vibe which doesn’t go unmissed.

Our premiere ‘Trapped In The Group’ submerges you into the deep end, with a bassline that becomes heavier layer after layer before you’re finally enveloped by its weight. ‘Black Vector’ closes out the EP, with clapping snares and a rhythm that skips between each beat pattern. The drums are cut-throat, with a jagged edge that juts throughout the track’s segments and presents a side of Delta9 that is clear competition for any of the more renowned imprints within the scene.

Check out our premiere of ‘Trapped In The Group’ below. Glÿph & Hystatus ‘Azimuth’ EP drops via Delta9 on 8th January, you can grab it here


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