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Reviewed: SeifhauS 5yr Anniversary ft Fur Coat


The SeifhauS crew was back at it to end the month of July in Colorado and with good reason to celebrate. With 5 years of curating proper underground parties in the Denver area under their belts, the crew had tabbed scintillating duo Fur Coat to headline the commemorative 2Deep2Sleep anniversary party that took place on July 26th.

Once again, I had arrived early on in the evening so as to take in all the party had to offer and, once again, we were not disappointed. The guys truly went all out in terms of sound, décor, hospitality, and just about any other aspect of a successful party you can think of. It’s the attention to detail that typically sets SeifhauS apart from the rest, and that skill set was on full display for this party headlined by Fur Coat.

Crowd shot

The party was located in a familiar space, one I was certainly not opposed to partying in again. It truly was an ideal warehouse spot, outfitted with small, intimate rooms, a solid location relative to Denver, and it even had finished bathrooms. SeifhauS had expanded upon the already impressive sound system from the previous iteration of 2Deep2Sleep to include a full blown, quadraphonic Funktion 1 system that arguably lands as one of the top 5 sound systems I’ve ever heard in terms of cleanness and power. The tribal decorations that adorned the room were right in line with previous SeifhauS parties and have come to represent an integral part in the curation of the room on a nightly basis.

Ambient Room

The ambient room consistently provided refuge for anyone seeking to escape the rolling bass lines at any time of the night. There you could find a seat on some couches, chat with other party goers, and even grab a complimentary massage to make sure the muscles remained limber into the wee hours of the morning. The newest addition to the crew’s modernized take on partying, the SeifhauSpitality Wellness Bar, provided fresh squeezed orange juice and other refreshing beverages throughout the night, once again providing another fine example of how this crew goes above and beyond in taking care of its patrons.

From the first beat, the musical programming for the evening was astounding. Prince.L, a now Denver resident by way of Miami, put together one of the best opening sets I’d ever heard. Working the crowd as a DJ is certainly expected these days, but there are not many DJs I’ve seen that could also work the mids, lows, and highs of a sound system quite like Prince.L did that night, while exhibiting the energy he did.

Prince.L in the mix

Driving minimal tech cuts pulsated from the four stacks of speakers as Prince.L primed the crowd for Fur Coat later on. The energy was palpable, the air was thick, and the bass lines seemed to roll out of the speakers with ease as Prince conducted a tribal ceremony through sonic vibrations that I’ll remember for some time.

Fur Coat came on at 1:30 in the morning and instantly had the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands. The duo worked from strength to strength as they delivered a three-hour set that was both cohesive and unpredictable in all the right ways.

Fur Coat in the mix

Another Denver favorite, Sartorius Bernson aka Groove_Werk, commandeered the crowd through the sunrise and to the end of the party. No stranger to a multitude of dance floor scenarios, Groove_Werk’s closing set featured precise mixing, heady cuts, and an audience of troops that had withstood the longevity of the party in search of the sunrise.

The final result was a party I’ll remember for quite a while and one that has easily solidified itself as a benchmark for comparison against warehouse parties to come to the region for the next several years.

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