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Dyzen chat about their debut on Fur Coat’s Odd:ity imprint


Fur Coat’s dynamic imprint Odd:ity puts forward its second release of 2019 in the form of the ‘Talisman EP’. The exciting new talents of duo Dyzen, joined by Vomee, have been invited onboard to exhibit their sound. The package delivers three original melodic techno offerings alongside an imposing remix from the label founders themselves. I sat down with Dyzen on the week of their Odd:ity debut.

Hi Francesco & Nicola, how did you two meet? And how long have you known each other for?

Hi, first of all, thank you for the invitation! We can say that we have grown together, we have known each other for over 9 years; initially, we were just friends and we went out together but in a short time we realized we were both attracted to the world of DJing. So, for fun, we started organizing our first events (in a basement that was anything but adequate). It is precisely in this period that we bought our first console and started to get obsessed with this world: it all started there…

How did both of you get into making music?

Well, at the beginning we only made music for fun, the idea of creating something has always fascinated us. Over the years, track after track, especially thanks to the continuous feedback of our friends, we started to realize that our music could have potential; we have always been very self-critical and it is thanks to our friends constant support that, after 4 years of experimentation and sacrifices, we found the “courage” to launch the Dyzen project!

What’s the meaning behind Dyzen?

The choice of the art name is important and deserves proper attention and many try to focus on a name to stay in people’s minds, but this was not our intention, we preferred to focus our audience’s attention on what matters really. “Dyzen” has no translations or implicit meanings, they are simply 5 letters in series, we liked it and we chose it. We want to let the music make the presentations!

Where do you get your creative inspirations from?

In general, everything can be a source of inspiration, from one’s state of mind to landscapes or images, but more than anything else, it is the music that we listen to every day that influences us the most. We have always listened to everything, from the heaviest genres to the trippiest ones: we have always been fascinated by the aggressiveness and pressing rhythm of the most progressive melodic lines typical in Trance and Synthwave. Furthermore, the way in which the great composers, through their soundtracks, are able to excite the audience while watching a film, has always struck us. This is why in our works it is common to find more dramatic and nostalgic references, something that can reach the heart of those who listen to us.

What do you consider your big break?

Actually, I don’t think we can consider having a defined break just yet as The Dyzen project was only founded in May 2017, but we can say that we certainly have witnessed a big change. In July 2018 we discovered that artists such as Tale of Us, Mind Against, Adriatique and Fideles, continuously supported our tracks on their tours. So in less than a year we found ourselves being played all over the world by our favourite artists, with whom we now have the opportunity to exchange music and feedback. We still can’t believe it, but we definitely are aiming at much more!

How did you get in contact with DNC and then go on to release on the label?

We simply wrote an email to the label and, Manuel, owner of DNC, was immediately excited to include “Odissea” in their VA “Another Journey, Pt. II”. We have been following DNC for quite a while and being able to release on their VA has certainly been an important milestone for us.

What do you think of all the electronic music talent coming out of Italy right now?

It is undeniable that the Italian presence in the Techno scene has always been and is (especially in recent years) very relevant. There are now very strong Italian artists who have completely changed the rules of the game (such as Tale of Us and Mind Against) by creating something new and forging their own lane. It’s impossible not to mention our Apulian brother’s Agents of Time and Fideles and great talents like Mathame and Ae:ther. Italy has many flaws, it is undeniable… But the deep-rooted musical tradition that characterizes it, can only make us be proud of being Italian… And obviously the food also! : )

You work a lot with Vomee, how did you guys meet? Can we expect more in the future?

Of course, we are great friends. Actually, we met for the first time playing at an event organized by us. Immediately we realized we had very close musical tastes; the collaboration for “Virgo” came accordingly. At the moment we are focusing a lot on our individual path, but I’m sure you will see something else collaboratively from us along the line.

How did you get in contact with Fur Coat for the Talisman EP release on Odd:ity?

Basically, in April we had two unreleased tracks (“Talisman” and “Discovery”) and we decided to include “Virgo” a collaboration with Gianluca (Vomee) to complete the EP package. It was Gianluca’s idea to contact Sergio (Fur Coat). He was immediately enthusiastic and keen to add a Fur Coat remix of “Talisman” in the EP!

What’s it like working beneath Fur Coat?

We have always followed the Fur Coat project, for us it was an honour to have the opportunity to work and exchange music with artists such as them. They are very good people, always available to offer advice and direction. We would be delighted to continue working with them in the future.

Virgo has been getting a lot of traction from some well know DJs, what’s your favourite track on the EP?

True, with “Virgo” we have exceeded all our expectations, a solid track suitable for the dancefloor. Difficult to choose just one! Maybe “Discovery” is the track that we think is more akin to our tastes, as we said we love to use progressive synths that flow without ever ending, but for us the best track is always the one that has yet to come.

What can we expect in the future from Dyzen?

We are already working on the next EP, something new, which will best represent our evolution and musical growth. We are also working hard to create a live set, a live performance through which we will be able to express ourselves better, play our tracks completely live and perform on real musical instruments, such as drum machines and synthesizers. In the future there will be a lot of new music, remixes and collaborations… For the moment we cannot add more, but soon there will be many surprises. Stay tuned!

Talisman EP is out on Odd:ity on Now, grab it here.