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Slowburn: From Dublin To Detroit



Have you ever held a residency? How have you residencies impacted you as a DJ? 

Phil: Just at the Gary’s Gang party that I mentioned before. It’s always nice to go down and do warm ups as it gives you a chance play some stuff a bit more leftfield. I use to love going down to clubs early and watch the warm up DJ play. The selections always seem a lot more personal when there aren’t so many people there.

Dave: Yeah I was also a resident of Gary’s Gang and was a resident of the acii disco night back some years ago, I suppose on the residents nights at both parties it was nice getting the opportunity to do longer sets, it was nice getting to see the other residents play longer sets too cause they’re all really good DJs.

So tell us a bit about the latest Lunar Disko release – what’s he vibe with it and how did it come about?

Phil: There are two Slowburn tracks on one side, then two solo jams from Dave and myself on the other. Overall I think it’s a bit more banging then some of the previous releases.

Dave: [Laughs] Yeah, it possibly is more banging than some of the other releases, the ‘Gritty’ track in particular I think may be suited for the dark basement rooms. It’s cool that it contains some stuff we did together and some of our solo stuff all together on the one record.

What’s your relationship like with the label? 

Phil: Andy and Barry are very close friends of ours. We have known them for a good few years now and they have always been very supportive of music coming out of Ireland in general, especially from the likes of guys like Automatic Tasty.

Dave: As Phil said, the lads would be good mates at this stage. They’ve always been supportive of the stuff we’ve been making and they’re extremely passionate about what they do too so it’s a privilege for us to be doing stuff with them.

How happy were you with the end product and can you describe your thinking behind the tracks? Was the finished product just like you imagined it’d be? 

Phil: We’re definitely happy with the way it turned out. We just sat down and had a jam like we usually do, and after a while of messing about can get a good feel for the track. Then we just laid it down. I remember when we were doing ‘Gritty’, we ran the out from the 808 through the mpc60, the circuits in the mpc kinda scuffed the sound up a bit so that’s where we got the name for that one.

Dave: Its always quite hard to judge a track after you’ve made it because you’ve already listened to it so many times, so it’s always good to get someone else’s feedback so it’s cool that the lads wanted these ones. It’s hard to say if the finished product is how I’d imagined it to be as I didn’t have anything in particular in mind when these were being written, but I’m happy with how they turned out, for sure.


How do you stay motivated musically? What’s influencing you a lot these days? 

Phil: Usually just hanging about with lads listening to music together, mixes or tracks or whatever. Just going with the flow and enjoying everything.

Dave: I’m motivated by the want to be better at making stuff and continually improving/learning. If I finish something then I want the next thing I write to be better and so on.

What do you think the best thing is about the modern day house music scene? And the worst? 

Phil: I like the way a lot of the manufacturers are doing reissues or making it affordable for producers to pick up bits of analogue gear, it’s good to get back into the mind set of hands on music making. I don’t really have an opinion on the worst stuff – we hear all these things online on a daily basis already so there better left not talked about, let get back to having fun and not complaining.

Dave: I think its great that there is so much good music being made and released the last couple of years. A lot of producers are putting their own stamp on things. There seems to be a lot of new labels coming out too releasing really cool music so hopefully that continues and the quality remains. I tend not to pay much attention to the negative things, I experience very little negativity within the scene in general myself so it would be hard for me to pick something out.

What’s next for you guys that’s really exciting you?

Phil: getting hold of an sh101

Dave: More releases in the pipeline both as Slowburn and some solo stuff in the next few months.

Slowburn’s LDRX2 is out soon on Lunar Disko. In the meantime check out the spotlight mix they recently undertook for us below.







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