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Six reasons to get excited for the return of Boomtown


Boomtown’s Chapter One: The Gathering is right around the corner and it’s got all of us excited at Data Transmission. Boomtown Citizens have been patiently waiting for three years to dance and connect with like-minded individuals in the Matterley Bowl again, so it’s going to feel special when we’re inside of the city walls again. Even though the line-up isn’t getting revealed until a week before the festival, and it’s going to be a different city to the one we left behind in 2019 before the world went to pot (read our last review here) we’re certain Boomtown 2022 will be a spectacle that lives long in the memory.

Here’s what we know so far, and hopefully it gets you excited for next month’s shenanigans…

© Scott Salt

A new site layout to explore

For years, Boomtown was known as the expansive festival city challenging ravers to trek across the site to see their favourite acts and climb big hills in the process. But this year will be different. With a reset to Chapter One, Boomtown have reduced the festival capacity and condensed the main city into the area previously known as the Downtown bowl. Yes, it means we’ve lost some beloved areas of the site including Lion’s Den and the Psy Forest, but we’re actually gaining a lot of space. For the first time, Boomtown will be using every inch of the main valley to create the most spectacular city they’ve ever dreamt of. While there are many people out there feeling anxious about Boomtown’s size this year, we guarantee what the organisers have in store will impress you.

A more detailed city than ever before

Boomtown choosing to focus their attention on building one main festival city in the bowl will provide ravers with a more detailed experience than ever before. It’s going to allow the team to bring each stage and world within the city to life in incredible ways. Expect masses of actors flooding the streets – making you feel like you’re in an alternate reality, huge parades weaving through the districts with buskers and pop-up sound systems on every street corner, and more creative energy than the team were ever capable of in previous editions. Who would have thought that was possible?

© Lucas Sinclair

A fresh narrative waiting to be written

One of the reasons why many people attend Boomtown is for the story maze, which takes festivalgoers on a wondrous journey of discovery, laughter and amazement through a theatrical storyline that continually evolves every year. This year, a reset to Chapter One represents a fresh start in the Boomtown storyline. While there won’t be the usual maze to explore, there will be an opportunity to create a new narrative for future editions through your actions in the city. Develop a character and own it during the festival or interact with actors and spark an interesting storyline. Just look at the Boomtown Bandits and what they created in previous editions! Boomtown is an ever-changing beast responding to the people who attend it, and if you choose to, this year you could be helping lay the foundations for the next era of Boomtown’s story.

© Scott Salt

Saturday = celebratory fancy dress

This year, Boomtown are introducing a fancy dress theme on the Saturday for the first time ever, and the theme is celebration. Why? Well, not only is it a celebration of a return to one of the world’s best festivals after a long absence, but it’s also a chance to celebrate the beautiful moments we tend to overlook in a world often overloaded with negativity. Boomtown want to celebrate the best this planet and all of humanity can achieve in one almighty party where everyone’s welcome. Can’t decide what to wear? Boomtown would love to see you come up with a character. Think maximalist with your outfits – the more extra the better (but make sure the clothing you wear is ethically sourced or repurposed). Express your personality through your clothes, get married to your best friend, attend the graduation ceremony you never had. Boomtown 2022 is a moment to celebrate together!

The Origin stage is going to be EPIC

Taking the place of what was Relic last time round, Origin is all set to be something truly special. Built and designed by the creators of Lion’s Den, it’s being referred to by Boomtown’s team as the most outstanding stage design the festival has ever seen. The level of detail on the staging will be insane, and this video shows you exactly why. The opening and closing ceremonies will be held here, and cascading waterfalls, fire and nature will help bring Origin to life. Expect reggae and plenty of drum & bass here.

© Giulia Spadafora / Soul Media

Boomtown’s continued Green Mission

Boomtown is striving to be a leader in the industry when it comes to creating a sustainable festival city running entirely on renewable energy. While they’re not fully there yet, they’re hoping to be by 2025. The last Boomtown cleverly repurposed products for the festival build in imaginative ways that amazed, while also integrating the environment into the storyline and stage narratives. Expect more of that this year – but bigger and better than before. We’ve already seen a sneak peek of Origin’s stage build, and even a detail as small as the green moss has been considered by the Boomtown team for its impact on the planet. Instead of buying throwaway fake moss, Boomtown are repurposing the sawdust created during the stage build and turning it into a moss decoration. Creativity is at the heart of this festival, and very soon you’ll see it with your own eyes!

Boomtown takes place 10-14th August 2022. You can grab an official resale ticket on this page


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