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Boomtown Festival Announces 2024 Tickets and a Revolutionary Sustainability Focus


Boomtown Festival, the UK’s largest immersive music extravaganza, is thrilled to announce the release of general tickets for its highly anticipated 2024 instalment, Chapter Three: Revolution of Imagination. An impressive 25% of tickets were already snatched up during the exclusive pre-sale event in August. Next year’s event is scheduled to take place between 7th and 11th August 2024 at their home Matterley Estate, Hampshire.

As excitement mounts for this unique gathering, festival-goers are invited to secure Phase One “Green Transport Citizenship” tickets, beginning at just £280. These specially priced tickets are exclusively available to those who choose eco-friendly public transport to reach the festival, aligning with Boomtown’s enduring commitment to sustainability.

Chapter Three: Revolution of Imagination
Photo Credit: Lucas Sinclair

Renowned for its unmatched production quality and captivating fictional world, Boomtown Festival is taking its storytelling to new heights in 2024. Chapter Three: Revolution of Imagination is a theme that celebrates the transformative power of imagination, with a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness and sustainability.

The festival’s organizing team reflects on the significance of this theme: “Last year, activist and writer Rob Hopkins delivered an inspirational talk at Boomtown HQ, highlighting the profound impact of envisioning a better future. At Boomtown, we possess a unique opportunity to bring that imagined future to life through the immersive Town we construct. We can envision a brighter future, and, more importantly, we can collectively build and share it with a community of 66,000 attendees in our temporary Town. Stay tuned for more details as the year unfolds, including insights into our captivating storyline, musical lineup, and awe-inspiring production.”

Chapter Three: Revolution of Imagination
Photo Credit: Paul Whiteley

Boomtown has already demonstrated its dedication to sustainability by pioneering initiatives such as reduced-price entry tickets for attendees using public transport. The festival also offers on-site programs that encourage eco-friendly choices during the event and in daily life. In 2024, Boomtown will employ immersive storytelling to further inspire attendees to rethink their relationship with the environment.

With nine distinct districts, each with its own theme, streets, buildings, and vibrant ‘residents,’ Boomtown Festival promises an unforgettable experience for all. Tickets for the 2024 edition will be available for purchase starting at 7pm BST on Wednesday 11th October.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this revolutionary celebration of imagination and sustainability and go to their website to secure your tickets!


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