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Rasmus Faber Album walk through – ’Two Left Feet’


Boasting a 20+ year successful music career with over 100 releases (incl. collab’s with Kaskade, Deadmau5, Pete Tong, Axwell and more) to his name, multi-talented Swedish producer Rasmus Faber has released his most breathtaking body of work to date with his 3rd artist album, ‘Two Left Feet’.

Swedish producer, pianist, DJ, all-round multi-talented, hardworking nice guy Rasmus Faber sits comfortably alongside electronic dance music’s royalty. His releases have been topping airplay and dance charts around the world, while much of his legacy of music including albums ‘Where We Belong’ and ‘Indian Summer’, alongside singles ‘Get Over Here’ and ‘Ever After’ on his own Farplane label have all attained classic status.

The trademark DJ and piano combo performance is the mainstay of the Rasmus Faber live experience and keeps him playing to tens of thousands around the globe.

We asked Rasmus Faber to walk us through some of the tracks on the album. We asked him for the stories behind each of the tracks/how the came about.

1. Animal feat. Magic Woman

This song was important in shaping the sound of the whole album. The singer, Magic Woman, aka Arielle Vakni from the LA-based band ANIMA! wrote such a killer topline on it, which really inspired me to think hard about the concept.

At first, I had been going for something more like classic deep house, but there was something not quite sitting right with that. I think it just wasn’t enough of me in there. So I got started with the grand piano, marimba, and then later invited musicians to add percussion, guitar and bass.

2. Shut Down feat. Maia Hirasawa

Me and Maia have known each other for years, we were even on the same label in Japan. She’s half Japanese and grew up in Stockholm like me, so that’s how we know each other. We’ve met on our respective tours in Japan a couple of times (like me, she also has a pretty solid career in Japan) and always talked about doing something together.

Now the time was right! Just as with many other songs on the album, the original version of Shut Down sounded very different, it was a kind of 80s synth-wave-inspired track. Also a pretty cool track, maybe I’ll turn that into a remix at some point!

3. Do My Best feat. Renae Rain

Me and Renae wrote this together when we wrote a song released last year called ‘What Do You Do’. At the time, I was in a bit of a different place and didn’t know what to do with the song as it was very moody.

Then we played it live with my band RaFa Orchestra a couple of times and people seemed to like it. Turns out it was perfect for this album. The song is quite sad, a self-reflecting song about a difficult relationship.

4. Good Morning June feat. Sara Steele

I wrote this one together with a songwriter named Julia Roth. When it was time to find a singer for it, I got the chance to work with Sara Steele, who is an awesome and interesting person and a great singer. I asked a good friend to write a string arrangement for this one, and we got it recorded in London.

Towards the end of this song something happens which has a tendency to happen when I record musicians, the bass player started playing a new groove in a different time signature, and I just couldn’t keep myself from keeping it, so I got the percussionist to emphasize it, and it goes into this kind of Afro-Cuban thing at the end. 

5. Son Of A Marimba Maker

This is one from the vaults, which I had the perfect opportunity to revive. Originally I worked on this song together with Alf Tumble, who was a member of the group Sumo, a great DJ in his own right, who since changed careers to become a wine expert!

It’s an instrumental song, with a kind of haunting vibe to it. Well almost instrumental, as me and Alf got together and sang a kind of long oohhh chant for it too. No samples! The most house song on the album I’d say.

6. Diary feat. Marter

This song has a pretty special history. Back in 2006, I had real doubts about where to go next, musically. I was in a quite deep hole, almost depressed. I got this idea in my head that I wanted to sing myself. I wrote a few songs and felt quite hopeful for a while, but when I digested the results I wasn’t happy at all. So all those songs stayed in the vault. I eventually got out of my creative block and created a house music album called ‘Where We Belong’.

Fast forward to 2019, I was introduced to the Japanese singer Marter. I had listened to him for a while, he has a really unique voice and I realized he would be really perfect to sing one of these old songs! He picked ‘Diary’ and recorded the vocals in Japan. It feels really good, but also a bit weird, to have this song released now. Also, the lyrics are totally a true story, which at the time was quite depressing, but now has a bit of a bitter sweetness to it.

7. Daisy feat. Alexandra Prince

Alexandra Prince and I wrote this song together when she was in Stockholm quite a few years ago. When she was here, we worked mainly on another song, perhaps my most commercial song to date, a guitar-driven pop house tune called ‘We Laugh We Dance We Cry’.

If you heard that song you know I was in a different phase then and ‘Daisy’ stayed in the drawer. But I always had a connection to this song, its a sad story of someone who appears to be mentally unstable. It’s not really clear, but there’s something unnerving about the lyrics.

8. We Don’t Waste The Time feat. Renae Rain

Another one I had the chance to write with singer Renae Rain. I teamed up with a Japanese arranger, Daigo Kawai, who recorded strings for it with a full orchestra, epic! So this song has many layers, a kind of minimal grooviness, but then sort of evolves with the strings coming.

 9. On The Train For Ise

This instrumental song has an exotic name, one would think, but it was just in my drafts folder as Ise Train for the longest of times, because I got the idea for it on, well, on the train for Ise. Ise is a small city in Japan and I was inspired by the landscape around me for this kind of weird meditative piece.

10. Two Left Feet feat. Öhrn

Singer Frida Öhrn and I, together with her writing partner Fredrik, had a lot of fun writing this song about someone who is kind of clumsy, approaching his/her love interest in what appears to be a night club. Its a song about low self-esteem, but also to take chances and try new things.

Rasmus Faber ‘Two Left Feet’ Album is out now on Farplane Recordsyou can buy the whole album from Beatport.