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Ejeca is the alias of ‘Nu-House‘ Producer/DJ Garry McCartney, one of the finest talents to have emerged this year, he’s already getting plaudits from Erol Alkan, Jackmaster and Sasha for his unique productions that fuse Disco, House, Garage and Techno together. He’s collaborated with Bicep and already has some big releases under his belt, which have been put out by labels like Needwant and Tusk Wax. If you haven’t taken notice of him yet, you soon will…For those not yet acquainted with you, who are you and where are you from?I’m Ejeca. From a wee town outside Belfast called Glengormley. We have a high ratio of Chinese takeaways per head. What was it like growing up Glengormley; did your upbringing have any effect on the music you make?Not really, I suppose Rave music and Happy Hardcore was big among the school kids so that’s probably what got me into it. I once got in trouble in Primary school for giving a Tizer rave mix on cassete to a mate and it got confiscated because of the excessive swearing. All very North Korea.Where does your name come from, is there any meaning behind it?It is the Swahili term for ‘Man with big beat drum’. Only joking, it means nothing, just letters that make a word that doesn’t exist. I was in Berlin at the weekend and it took me 5 minutes to spell and explain to a fella that it meant nothing, all good craic. How did you get into making music? Which came first DJ’ing or producing music?Djing on MJ Studio, screen shot below…

I remember the first time I got the two tracks to beat match (was quite an effort with the mouse) I nearly shit my pants. I think from then on I knew I liked the idea. After that I bought 1210’s and then got serious on Fruity loops. Did you ever study music at School?No, it was so bad. I see now schools have iMacs, Logic and midi controllers. I had a broken Casio Keyboard (with a Mozart Demo song) and make shift maracas made from coke bottles and stones. *Shakes Fist* You’ve already released music on a number of labels, such as Needwant and Tusk Wax. Did you get in contact with them or did they find you? How did you go about getting your music out there at the start?All through the power of the internet. I know Mr Tusk quite well now and it’s great doing gigs and having a few drinks. Needwant came to me after Tusk Wax 5 about the idea of an EP and Horizon went really well, it got Essential New Tune on Radio 1, something I’ve listened to since a kid. Have you ever received any negative feedback from labels? I read somewhere a big house label gave you a bit of a rough time in the past; did it help to motivate you in anyway?Yes, I think I’m that type of guy. I suppose you could say I took the feedback badly, but how else are you meant to take it? If you take it well you would never improve and you’d keep sending out pish. Your sound is described as being quite retro, there seems to be a strong 90’s influence, Am I right in thinking the likes of Artful Dodger & co are favourites of yours?Not specifically the Artful dodger, but the garage around that time, when it was pop. That and house in the 90s were great, even ‘French House’ was one of my main vices. Still listening to old Daft Punk and Cassius mixes and the rawness of them really appeal to me. Your music has received support from well respected names like Sasha and Erol Alkan, does it surprise you that your music can be liked by two guys from two very different areas of dance music? I suppose they are quite varied. If there were two djs I’ve seen/respected the most it would be these. Sasha has been at the top for such a long period without deviating from his core style, it’s admirable. And Erol was key in my early rave experiences, at Shine BELFAST he used to dj alongside Justice and Soulwax and it was such a great night. Also love the fact he has produced bands like Late of The Pier, something I’d like to do in the future. Who would your dream collaboration be?Burial and Morrissey, possibly together. I have battles in my head sometimes over who I like more, I’ve given up. What have you got coming up next? I noticed you’ve got some dates in Brazil next year? Did you ever think you’d end up travelling the world when you first started?I suppose I’ve lived quite a homely sheltered life and only thought the music I listened to was big in the U.K., so to get gigs in Germany, Russia, France and Brazil is great. I guess it shows how music is a bit of an international language, pardon the cheesy line. Any plans for an album? Another big item on my to do list, I make quite a lot of non-4×4 club stuff so really want to release an album you could relax to at home or after a night out. I’m a big fan of artists like Consequence and ASC who make really leftfield albums as well as their club orientated EPs. And finally… . It’s that time of the year, who has been the artist you’ve enjoyed the most this year? Any favourite albums or tracks?LP/EP: Burial – Kindred Tune: George Fitzgerald – Child  Ejeca – Horizons EP is out now on Needwant, don’t miss it.Keep updated with his sounds and shows via his facebook.

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