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Ejeca – The Crystal Maze EP (Four Thirty Two)


Don’t you love it when there’s a convergence of solid names into a release stamping it with their ravey, dark, back-room, strobelight-flashing, sweat-dripping credentials? Not just does the much heralded Ejeca provide the soundtrack but Richy Ahmed hosts with his Four Thirty Two label and Paul Woolford remixes under his Special Request moniker.

Like the soundtrack to a warehouse party, Ejeca’s sound has been nurtured through a series of releases on top quality labels such as Aus Music, Unknown To The Unknown, W&O Street Tracks, BPitch Control and Last Night On Earth nurturing his relentlessly ravey, four-to-the-floor sound.

‘Unloving’ kicks off the E.P. with a signature big 909 drum and repetitive melody. Ejeca has a ‘sound’, and this is it. Ravey riffs, counter melodies and simple vocal snippets. The synth riff ramps into the breakdown and moves from groove to big drop, hands in the air business. This is music to dance to.

Paul Woolford’s Special Request turns in a festival big-top lifter with a high-octane, adrenaline fuelled riff that is all about largeness. There are old-school spinbacks, ravey vocals, cool synth inserts and big bass. But it’s all about the big riff melody and throwing shapes.

‘Standard Acid House’ is a six minute 303 workout with spoken ‘acid’ vocals and classic 909 drum workout. It is what it says it is, but although it’s got all the classic elements it’s still got that thunderous, room-shaking Ejeca sound.

‘Crystal Maze’ is another large-bass, big-kick club shaker, you know what to expect by now but ‘Crystal Maze’ is more of a stripped back sound with subtler synth melodies and breakdown.

‘Is What It Is‘, is a deeper take with a subbier bass and a 3am feel, still for those big floors.

A great, but subtly variety of tracks all stamped with Ejeca’s trademark sound, a huge remix from Special Request and a cracking lead track with ‘Unloving’. A solid release from some industry players, the experience just shines through. Music to make your floor quake and your speakers shake.

Score: 8.5/10

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