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Einerlei – Escapism


3516-240439_600.jpgLabel: SlipstoneRelease: Out Now 

Such is the popularity of house music these days that producers seem to be starting out younger and younger. The obvious example of this is Happa, but another man who looks set to follow in similar footsteps is 18-year-old Einerlei, who steps out of the shadows here with a magnificent EP for Slipstone Records. Called the Escapism EP, it features 3 dizzying tracks, each one with their own penchant for proverbially ripping up the dancefloor.

Opener ‘Sind Wir Echt Frei?’ is a fine example of what we’re talking about. Full of mounds of suspense and impressively woven together, it features layers of shrewd percussion and a liking for the unpredictable that makes it an all-round dizzying proposition. ‘Berg’ is darker and on a more deep house tip, although this one is more stringent in its approach. Full of humid vibes and a spiky bassline that’ll sound good wherever it’s dropped, it showcases another side of Einerlei that’s hard to find fault with.

The last of his originals, ‘Ensnared’ is a cheeky and melodic track that sticks out for its melancholic chimes especially. Finally, Kesper delivers an excellent remix of ‘Berg’ that plays to the original’s strengths whilst also imbuing them with a fine sense of purpose. In all, a fine start to life for a producer we most definitely expect to be hearing more from soon. 


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