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Creamfields – Costanera Sur, Buenos Aires – Argentina



Unexpectedly, the absolute highlight of the festival for me came next in the form of Gaiser. Newly energized, we made our way back to the Enter tent where the Detroit based Techno DJ was partway through his set.  I can’t even pinpoint exactly what it was that made it so great, he just had such a distinct, fresh sound that managed to appeal to minimal fans but also to a more commercial crowd. As his set drew to a close, I overheard a number of other people comment that he was the best DJ they’d seen all night. Then came the Richie vs Above and Beyond dilemma; naturally I had to see SOME Trance, and as A&B are one of my favourite artists, I didn’t want to miss out. However, as Gaiser left the stage and Richie Hawtin took to the decks, I found myself not wanting to leave for I had really enjoyed Gaiser and wanted to see what Richie had to offer.


We ended up spending another hour in Enter, where Richie played the start of a mighty Techno and Tech-House set, before dragging ourselves away to the main stage to catch the second half of Above & Beyond. I have seen these guys on so many occasions, but somehow they manage to blow me away each and every time, I began to get goose bumps as the recognizable intro to New Order’s Blue Monday began playing and the words “How does it feel to be the best?” came up on the screen. The Above and Beyond remix of that song is an absolute masterpiece, the crowd clearly loved it as they were cheering and singing along with their hands in the air, elated at the fact that Above and Beyond had declared Buenos Aires was their favourite place to play. They proceeded with their Club mix of Black Room Boy from the Group Therapy album and a highlight from the landmark 10th edition of Anjunabeats, Wayfarer by Audien. After that, they returned to Group Therapy and dropped the epic sing-along song Thing Called Love to a highly loved-up crowd and showed their appreciation for fellow Anjunabeats DJ Andrew Bayer, who had played in the Nation arena earlier that day, with the words “We love Andrew Bayer.” More vocal gems were to come, such as the beautiful Far from in love, which was followed by a personal favourite of mine from Tri-State, Alone Tonight. Despite the fact everyone was clearly knackered after such a long night, Above & Beyond managed to keep the crowd dancing and singing along to their next tune, Home before finishing on the one we were all waiting to hear, Sun & Moon, which as usual kept everyone in suspense just before the big drop. A cracking way to end the night, I really could not have been happier with this set.

Overall, whereas Creamfields Buenos Aires cannot quite compare to the three-day event in the UK, I was still very impressed by not only the DJs’ performances, but the passion and enthusiasm of the crowd too. So many DJs rave about the atmosphere at electronic music events in Buenos Aires and after this night, I could certainly see why. Bring on Creamfields BA 2014!


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