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Creamfields – Costanera Sur, Buenos Aires – Argentina



The highly anticipated one-night festival Creamfields in Buenos Aires was a hit once again this year, with a variety of class acts on the line-up leading to approximately 70,000 tickets being sold. Buenos Aires is renowned for being the Latin American capital of dance music, with many DJs claiming that it’s their favourite place in the world to play, so my expectations for this festival were fairly high. Luckily, Creamfields BA did not fail to impress.

We began with Argentina’s own Desolat artist Guti, the perfect way to warm up for a twelve-hour dance music marathon. His beautiful piano playing intertwined with flawless electronic beats was just what we needed; a gentle introduction to what we knew was going to be a pretty full-on night!

Next up was Tech-House pioneer Nic Fanciulli on the main stage. Normally I tend to stick to Trance at these festivals, but as Creamfields was rather light on Trance this year, I decided to experiment with the other genres. I had no expectations but was really impressed by Nic Fanciulli, it’s clear to see why he´s such a respected DJ as his set was very clean and maintained the perfect amount of energy throughout, while the crowd danced away in the sunshine with broad grins across their faces. His mash-ups, Technasia vs. Mark Fanciulli – Heart Of Flesh vs. The Tide and Steve Lawler vs. Tim Green – Kalimba vs. Old Sunshine worked really well and he ended with Joris Vorn’s latest release, Ringo.

After Fanciulli’s set, we decided to head to the Enter. Tent for Tale of Us, who I’d been keen to see ever since I heard their massive remix of Audiofly’s Six Degrees of Separation. They certainly stand out as they have a very distinctive sound when playing live, one which somehow successfully combines House and Techno with Pop and Rock, and on this occasion they played a truly fitting set which really catered to that particular crowd. They closed on another fantastic remix of theirs that I discovered that night, of Mano le Tough’s Primitive People– epic tune.


It was time to head back to the main stage after that, seemingly along with the rest of the entire festival, to see the legendary Underworld. Their performance was simply mesmerizing, how they manage to stay so fresh after so many years in the business is truly commendable. When they dropped the classic Born Slippy, they began with Psytrance style drumming, an amazing twist on a song we must have all heard a thousand times and naturally, the crowd loved it. As well as that, they treated us to a mélange of Rez and Cowgirl, two songs which work so well when played together, and Always loved a Film. The trippy visuals displayed on the giant screens perfectly matched their hypnotic sound, and each and every person walked away at the end looking truly satisfied.

Solomun was another DJ I was really looking forward to seeing, as I’d heard great things. The Cocoon tent was absolutely packed as we walked in, meaning we had to stand fairly far back in order to be able to flail our limbs, therefore the sound wasn’t great but Solomun nailed it so we were happy nonetheless. This is another DJ who knows how to cater to the crowd; he played what some may call a ‘safe’ set, but then how can that be a bad thing when you have so many people worshipping you from beneath the decks?! Solomun is a people-pleaser, not a risk-taker, and he certainly pleased us. Tracks included his remixes of Tiga vs Audion – Let’s go dancing, Noir & Haze – Around and Late Night by the Foals, as well as The Chemical Brothers’ banger Do It Again.

We stayed in the Cocoon tent for the next DJ, Julien Bracht, who was someone we chose to see simply because we were unsure of where else to go. Once again, I was impressed, this is another highly talented musician who fell into the electronic music scene and created something truly unique. His use of drums made for a really interesting live performance and one which were all pleasantly surprised by. However, we didn’t stay for too long as Steve Angello was setting up on the main stage and, after six hours of dancing, some Big Room House is just what you need to boost your energy levels. Angello dropped Swedish House sounding club anthems such as Leave the World Behind, Generation X and Liceu vs Spectrum (Sebastian Ingrosso edit) to an enormous crowd, revealing he clearly has as many fans here as he does in the UK. It succeeded in giving us all a second wind that we hoped would take us through to the end of the night.

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