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Bradley Gunn Raver returns to the Dance Floor!


Bradley Gunn Raver recently announced on social media his return to the dance floor in 2021. Commenting on his personal Facebook page “I’m going to be part of a virtual festival”.

Bradley and his BGR moniker hold a totally unique position in the electronic music industry. The journey began some years ago when Bradley was on a night out in Bristol and waiting for a train back home. His train wasn’t for a few hours and walked past a club that was open until 9 am – a chance to kill a few hours. Bradley went in and started dancing on his own and realised he was totally lost in the music. It was then he realised just how much he loved the whole experience and it became a regular occurrence on the weekends.

The Beginning 

It is well documented that Bradley has Aspergers, something previously he was a little reserved about discussing. He used his now instantly recognisable ‘uniform’ of multi-coloured goggles, leggings, and branded activewear as a way to bring peoples attention away from him and direct it to the Bradley Gunn Raver brand. A way to feel instantly accepted in a sea of others searching for an escape. 

It wasn’t long before Bradley and BGR became a regular at larger events. He became increasingly popular amongst those dancing around him, often with comments like “What’s in your water bottles….can I have some?” as seeing a ‘raver’ with such energy and passion often goes hand in hand with illicit substances. Bradley has long been an ambassador for sober raving and is often used as an example of being fully immersed in the clubbing experience without the need for pharmaceuticals. 

BGR’s journey is well documented with mini-docs from the likes of BBC Three, UNILAD, and Mixmag in New York, showcasing not only what Bradley does behind the scenes but also his preparation and mindset behind the dancing. 

© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (fb.com/wearehereandnow)

Bradley has had unique exposure to the music industry, a privileged position that very few have held. As the popularity of BGR grew so did his social media following – quickly gaining over 60K followers. It was this rapid growth that saw the promoters and DJs take note and a quick progression from dancefloor amongst clubbers to main stages with some of the world’s biggest names and arenas.

 It wasn’t long before Bradley and BGR was booked on line ups to dance on stage with headliners that previously he was paying to see. He has danced with everyone from Carl Cox to Peggy Gou, Martinez Brothers to Joris Voorn, Maceo Plex to Jamie Jones and many, many more. He has been invited to some of the biggest stages across the world including Tomorrowland, Epizode – Vietnam (with the now-famous beach dance with Seth Troxler, Ultra Miami, Awakenings, and Ibiza on the IMS Dalt Villa stage to name a few. 

The Dancing Influencer?

Not a Producer, not an agent, not a promoter, not a DJ – this anomaly that burst on to the scene seemed to push those on stage into a sense of trust, a sense of normality, and somewhat of a ‘middle man’ to those dancing below them. He was instantly accepted and before long became close friends with household names that many cannot even get close to. Bradley has many stories of encounters with such people but keeps them closely guarded. He has a deep understanding that these friendships are ones of trust and sincerity, something not offered to many and holds them rightly so in high regard. 

Stopping Raving

Bradley decided to stop raving for a short period before the pandemic hit. He stopped as it got too overwhelming with all the external pressures that came with the BGR brand growing to a point he couldn’t handle. During this time, Bradley has been able to have space mentally to evaluate how to move forward. Bradley still has a true love for raving, which has been proven with the pandemic making Bradley realise how much he misses it. Bradley has decided to come back along with the return of the music industry with the exit of the pandemic insight. 

The Restart!

With a clear path out and the dancefloors are opening again, it is only right that Bradley is coming back as Bradley Gunn Raver and will be taking his ‘Love, Life, and Rave’ motto back to the dancefloor with him. It is a welcome return to the industry with several invitations and features already in the pipeline.

Bradley is aware of the problems that caused him to withdraw from raving previously, this time he has the support in place. He has joined ‘Fort Agency’ owned by Andrew Gibson and Kai Cant (the founder of super-brand Abode). Bradley will be making many appearances throughout the UK and beyond this year.

He is also working with the mental health for the electronic music industry charity ‘We Are Hummingbird’ to help raise awareness of not only the issues out there but also the help available.

We for one can’t wait to see Bradley and BGR return, and if you see him, go and say hello, just don’t ask to share his water…..dancing that long is thirsty work!!


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