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Spotify Playlist: Bradley Gunn Raver’s Raving Records

Data Transmission August 25, 2017

For those not living under a rock for the last year, you will be fully aware of Bradley Gunn Raver.

For those unacquainted with Bradley Gunnhe is the man that dances. He dances in his bedroom, sometimes broadcasting live via video for the world to see – all whilst completely sober! He dances at his desk whilst he’s developing software during the week. He dances at events all over the country hosted by major promoters such as LWE and Abode, and serves an ambassadorial role for major sober raving promoters Morning Gloryville, acting as a genuine pull for potential ticket-buyers. He once even danced for 38 hours straight, via no less than 4 back-to-back raves over 2015’s new year celebrations. Bradley Gunn loves to dance, and people love him for it.

Bradley also suffers from Apserger’s and uses dancing as way to escape the everyday world, If you haven’t checked out our recent feature “Bradley Gunn Raver: The boy with Asperger’s who grew into a bonafide rave celebrity” – you can read it here.

We’ve teamed up with Bradley on a brand new playlist for our Spotify Channel, his ‘Raving Records’ each month he’s gonna update the playlist with the tracks he’s been feeling and raving too!


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