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Bradley Gunn ‘I have decided to bring my time as Bradley Gunn Raver to an end.’


Our lovely friend, Bradley Gunn last night called time on his ‘raving days’ in a statement across all his social media. For all those don’t know Bradley, he lives with Asperger’s Syndrome and often found himself struggling in social environments and dealing with feelings of self-consciousness. He found a solution to going raving and dancing – read our full first interview with him here.

Today, he’s ended his raving days and all of us at Data Transmission wish him a whole hearted best wishes in his next ventures, big love Brad!

Here’s the full statement: After a while of taking some time out to mentally process everything and have some self-reflection, I have decided to bring my time as Bradley Gunn Raver to an end.

“All conditioned things are impermanent”

The above quote comes from Buddhist philosophy, simply put it means that nothing lasts forever. Things are constantly arising and passing away, turning into other things. Therefore, it is no good clinging to them, as that only causes suffering.

My time as Bradley Gunn Raver has come to an end. I shall be continuing onto the next adventure as Bradley Gunn.

What started out as a simple love for raving, has become far greater and more powerful than I had ever imagined, to the point it is now controlling my life. I never expected to be where I am now, delivering content globally via social media, meeting the people I meet, getting involved in the business ventures I find myself in. To have even one person say I have inspired them, whether it be one way for one person or in another way to another person, the feeling of what I have achieved is incredible. Not only that but I have also learnt how to overcome a lot of my fears and know myself a lot better. I am incredibly thankful to the world.

There is a dark side however, to everything I become obsessed with, and that is just the nature with having Asperger’s. Over time, an obsession grows, it becomes more demanding and serious, to the point I prioritise the interest above all other parts of life. At first, I was happy just going a long to dance at events, the core reason why I started, and the core reason has stuck ever since, but it’s more than that now. I no longer feel satisfied just dancing, the core interest has diluted that it doesn’t have as much influence as it did. I have lost the love for the very thing I loved. This has been caused by a number of factors such as becoming too serious about it all, a number of bad experiences in the business side of things and the way things have developed over time to the point where it is no longer as it was originally defined.

I feel trapped inside what I have created. I constantly feel stressed, having to live inside my self-manufactured, conditioned public image. It’s quite ironic as the message I was pushing out was to be free, be yourself, not care what people think and just lose yourself on the dancefloor, yet as the days went by, I was becoming more disconnected from this ethos more and more, the organic, free-living image had become a very strict, controlled and staged image.. The amazing thing I created, the obsession… has become my own prison. I did not want to continue to publish content going to events and telling everyone I’m having a great time when I’m not, pushing out an image which I know I am no longer naturally living, I felt that lying to not only my followers but also myself.

I have therefore taken the conscious decision, to end Bradley Gunn Raver. I will be moving onto the next chapter of my life now. This decision hasn’t been concluded lightly, this has been thoroughly thought out over time and discussed with highly trusted close friends.

I will not be deleting my social media, therefore if you wish you can follow the next adventure, it would be lovely to have you. If not, then I thank you for following this adventure.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey and participated in whatever way. Far too many names to list but every one of you helped me to grow and discover this crazy world. Many will stay as friends for life whatever adventure I am on… I wish you all the best with your adventures. Keep in touch. Who knows, we may see each other again in the future. For now, goodbye. Bradley Gunn x

Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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