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John Rolodex drops ‘Prototypes’ EP on Machinist Music


Canadian Drum & Bass veteran John Rolodex resumes his four-part ‘Reflection’ series in the wake of his acclaimed ‘The Rainmaker’ EP which dropped on Metalheadz with ‘Prototypes’ EP.

The ‘Prototypes’ EP is the third in the series and showcases Rolodex’s considerable depth and versatility which he’s developed over more than two decades in the genre. 

Opening up the release is our premiere ‘Pentium’, which innovatively twists a familiar sound in a variety of unfamiliar ways. The result is a musical breakbeat affair that demonstrates Rolodex’s reverence for classic jungle and his modern production proficiency. ‘Pentium’ was recently included in his mix for the Metalheadz Rinse FM show, which gained a significant number of emails and messages requesting a track ID.

Casting a chilling shadow on the release, ‘Snowdrift’ draws the ear with a seductive head-nod groove and mysterious atmospherics. In contrast to the moment’s trend, the full impact of ‘Snowdrift’ isn’t revealed until the second drop – a nasty production encapsulating the bone-chilling feeling of being caught out in the cold.

Taking an experimental approach, Rolodex once again delivers an evolving tapestry in the form of ‘Snake Skin’. A stepping groove built with a minimal techno ethos unfolds to shed its skin on a merciless second drop, notably supported by the great Doc Scott

The final endeavor reminds the listener of the days of the landline. ‘Wrong Number’ further demonstrates Rolodex’s versatility and musical depth. Bleeps, pads and atmospherics are assembled with control and restraint evident only in the work of an elder statesman of the genre. 

Check out ‘Pentium’ below. John Rolodex ‘Prototypes’ EP lands on Machinist Music‘s Bandcamp on 17th March and will be available on all other platforms on 24th March. Make sure you grab a copy from here

Words by Leon at Street Legal


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