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Anile – All This Time feat. Hannah Eve



Label: CIA Deep Kut Score: 8/10

Total Science’s CIA Deep Kut label continues to churn out quality tracks that veer to the deeper side of the D&B spectrum. This time around it’s Anile on deck, offering your ears some slick and summery vibes on his debut for the imprint, All This Time.

Featuring the smooth vocals of Hannah Eve, subtle jazzy chords layer the background, channelling similar vibes of the likes of Calibre and Alix Perez, as the sub bass rumbles heavy underneath but not too much to overpower the mood. Eve’s singing is like butter on top, all the harmonies sitting right with the musical bed she’s laying on. Breezy but not lightweight in any respect, All This Time is a perfect sort of groove for this time of the year.

In comparison, That Night is the shade to its predecessor’s light. Melancholic piano notes, punctured with 80’s style chord stabs, and rolling drums provide the base for vocalist Jess Brinham to add a dash of sung sultriness to the music. A complete change is sound contrast to All This Time but no less the better for it.

A much listened to offering from Anile, this stands up on it musical merits as something you should really own. As mentioned, if you dig producers such as Calibre and Lenzman, this is more than a necessary addition to your collection.

Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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