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Alix Perez – Annie’s Song



Label: Shogun AudioScore: 7/10

With the eagerly awaited follow up to his impressive debut album 1984 not too far away, Shogun Audio soldier Alix Perez is back with the first glimpse of his upcoming sophomore effort on new single Annie’s Song.    Accompanied by Sam Wills adding his falsetto vocal tones to proceedings, Annie’s Song is a surprising choice as an lead track for a man known mostly for soulful and steppy tracks at 170bpm. Annie’s Song is more in tune with his Arp101 material, as neck snapping hip hop beats and electronic chords are the bed for Wills harmonious singing to rest upon. The decrease in tempo doesn’t stop it having that funk that Perez brings to his musical offerings. Fans of his D&B output might not be so keen on it but its the sound of producer crafting a song rather than a track to damage a dance floor with.    Things are brought back up to D&B speed on the flip, We Could Have Been. This is the perfect example of a soulful and steppy Perez track I mentioned earlier, mellow piano keys and minimal drums allow guest singer D.Ablo to get to work with some serious crooning. If you were into tracks like Forsaken or his remix of Submotion Orchestra’s It’s Not Me It’s You this will certainly be right up your street.    Annie’s Song comes with a plethora of remixes from the likes of Maddslinky, Shadow Child and S.P.Y., who turns it into an Amen led roller for those who may want something more uptempo. Annie’s Song is certainly different for those used to Alix Perez and Shogun Audio’s usual musical output but I look forward to his new album all the same.


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