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5 defining Mobilee tracks by Gheist


GHEIST are a Berlin-based production and live band, who’ve been conquering some of the city’s best known dancefloors one party at a time for the past three years.  They’re also regulars at one of Berlin’s landmark venues, Watergate, where they kickstarted the project, and since have experienced a meteoric rise, wowing audiences across the globe with their rich and emotive sound. Fusing progressive with house and techno textures, the German natives have forged a deep, melodic sound of their own, which is melancholic and euphoric in equal measure.

With several exciting releases on the horizon and an increasingly busy touring schedule, it’s clear that we’ve yet to see what GHEIST are really capable of.

Their latest release ‘Loewe’ is out on Mobilee now, you can grab it here and to celebrate this we’ve asked them to pick their 5 defining mobilee tracks over the years.

Pan-Pot – Confronted (2009)

It‘s the first Mobilee release that pops in our heads. Tassilo and Thomas have had a long and impressive history, and ‘Confronted’ is like a Mobilee and Pan-Pot classic to us.

The synth pattern is simple but very catchy and powerful. We think it has a timeless energy and will still work also in many years.

Rodriguez Jr – Mustang (2013)

The track shares our love for chord patterns and you can definitely hear his french origin – classic and very groovy. These classy chord-driven house tunes will always be relevant for us. Old school but new school. On top of that Rodriguez Jr is a very charismatic dude ;).

Jennifer Cardini & Shonky- Lies (2006)

Cool and trippy track from Jennifer Cardini and Shonky. We like that “Kraftwerk” energy a lot if it hits you in the right moment. The track creates a very distinctive atmosphere and can move you and others into a very cool and kind of foggy‘ state. Very viby song!

Oliver Deutschmann – Ghost (2015)

Very solid and groovy techno from Oliver Deutschmann. Classic and functional.

You can listen to unes like this for hours and they get better and better. We love hypnotic patterns and ‘Ghost’ plays the rules of good and timeless techno for us. We can always find a way to play it, even if it’s just a little part or a groove from it.

Maya Jane Coles – Beat Faster (2011)

We remember this time very well. Maya Jane Coles has been a big inspiration, we always loved her dubby basslines. The track takes some time to hit, it starts building up almost 1.5 minute till the bass drum and bass kick in, but then you feel Maya‘s warm groove. We love the track and will always remember this Mobilee release.


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