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BOg, GHEIST – Venere (Atlant)


It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a groundswell of interest for a particular release. The online forums following some of the bigger jocks have been buzzing with anticipation and track ID requests for what eventually transpired to be a collaboration between two production outfits, who are both on exceptional form, BOg and GHEIST.

To some electronic music purists the combination of vocal and techno or progressive instrumentation is not an acceptable combination. It’s like a mash up of commercial pop music at one end of the spectrum and a more underground sound on the other. For me, and I’m not alone here, the combination of crafting a song and setting it into a landscape of interesting electronic music is irresistible.

BOg and GHEIST have nailed that very combination with Venere. The mournful male vocal, lush pads and catchy underground melodies are utterly immersive. This is the sound of your soul floating into space and looking down contemplatively, of self realisation and turning points.

Ironically it’s when Fideles set the song to a house backdrop that it really comes into its own. A rolling techno bassline carries the vocal, somehow all the better for the key changes that could all go so wrong but sounds so right. The arrangement allows the track to breathe and become something really special. It’s hard, it’s soft and kind of tactile.

Glowal turn in another great remix that is perhaps more suited for the more underground floors with support from Afterlife, Innervisions, Bedrock and Exit Strategy which really is very good but for me the Fideles remix hits the mark.

Either way ‘Venere’ is a release made with love and full of soul. It’s great to hear the passion pouring through from the people that count, you know the ones? The punters, out there on the dancefloor.

Score: 9/10

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