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Magda & NYMA Announce New Handmade DJ Controller



Good news for all you audiophiles out there today as Items & Things boss Magda has revealed that she has teamed up with Berlin stalwart NYMA, Faderfox and Glanzmann DDS to create a new handmade and customised DJ controller called VERSUS.

Featuring a “uniquely laid-out” ‘V Section’, 32 fader commands, “versatile and easy midi integration” within an “endurance-built, aluminium design” we’re told the unit’s functions are aimed at “further bridging the gap between live and DJ performances.”

We’re yet to receive a release date or recommended retail price for the new product but what we do know is that we already want one for birthday. We’re looking at you Nan. Make it happen.

Check out the shiny new promo video showing you the controller in action or head to www.versus-control.com for more info.


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