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Paul Woolford – Mother & Child (Hotflush Recordings)


Score: 9/10
House/Deep House/Techno

National treasure Paul Woolford is a shape-shifting ball of talent. His vast back catalogue under various guises is well worth checking out especially if you’ve never heard Erotic Discourse under Paul’s Bobby Peru monicker. His previous release on Hotflush Orbit/MDMA was equally uncompromising tech/techno workouts in his gritty get down and work it style. Diversity can be hard to handle but it’s part and parcel of Woolford’s being to push boundaries and keep things moving in unexpected directions. Hence Mother & Child has pushed buttons in the purist camp and gained new fans in different genres to boot. It’s orchestral overtones have a reminiscent whiff of Renaissance nostalgia, dare I say, but I’m guessing this is probably not what Paul had in mind when he composed this piece. Turning in at a whopping ten and half minutes Mother & Child Divided is a fingers up to the establishment with its soaring arpeggios, emotional strings and melodic bass (or perhaps cello) and not a drum in sight. The composition is a masterclass in how electronic music could be – should be. This is beautiful, wonderful music pure and simple, as much at home in front of a conductor in the Royal Albert Hall as it would be on your headphones watching the world go by from the top deck of the 38 or as the soundtrack to the most amazing sunset you’ve ever seen. As emotive as any other piece of music I’ve heard for some time. Mother & Child takes a more traditional four to the flour house direction but keeping the orchestral elements intact and adding some lovely vocal snippets that sit wonderfully and weave wonderfully between the strings and arpeggios. If you like minimal in your genre description this won’t be for you, if your open minded enough to appreciate a composition rather than a loop out of a sample pack look no further. Not a word I use often, but literally stunning.



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