Pete Oak – Trying Not To (Sincopat)

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Pete OakScore: 9/10
Techno/Progressive House

One of my all time favourite (read consistent) labels Sincopat turns in an absolute monster in the form of Gabriel Ananda’s remix of Pete Oak’s Trying Not To. Not wishing to take away from the achievements of Pete’s original three tracks Trying Not To, Graphium and Me, My, Molly Me it’s the Gabriel Ananda remix that is the powerhouse of this release. Simple yet effective, most certainly powerful Gabriel shows a maturity of production in the arrangement and mixdown of his remix with a house/tech-house crossover pulsating with bottom-end goodness and soaring CS80 style pads. The pounding drums and ethereal percussion give it an edge of weirdness that sets it aside from the other offerings here but it’s the simple use of the off-kilter, yet super-catchy vocal that elevates Trying Not To to another level. Ananda’s arrangement builds and builds to a mighty crescendo of woofing analogue, growling bass and delicate melody in what seems deceptively simple but probably isn’t. The overall effect is a real roof lifter without entering any kind of commercial territory, clean and smooth this is a tech-house belter for those peak-time moments. Not to be overlooked Pete’s Graphium is a heavy, analogue laden slab of progressive techno with some nice synth work and vocal snippets whilst Me,My,Molly is an elegant variation on melodic techno with some late-night stabs and another interesting vocal. A solid EP on a great label but Gabriel Ananda’s remix is the one to watch. Quality.